Ulrich Zwingli

By Jason Tidwell

Why we need to reform the church

Church reform is necessary because nowadays to many people stray away from the one and only truth; the bible. Priests and popes these days are now even letting you pay for your indulgence like really? So i ask all of you today to come and join us as we try to set the bible back to its former glory. These days it seems like all popes care about is money,money,money and this is unacceptable because the bible is the only thing they need. Let us all join together to make a difference for our great leader Ulrich Zwingli.

Main Ideas/beleifs

As followers of Ulrich we believe most of the stuff that he says/does. Now you might think this isn't very smart but just stay and listen to us for a second. So first we believe the bible is the only truth and nothing else is more truthful. So with that said Christianity is the only acceptable religion. Now since the bible is the only truth paying for indulgence is the worst of the worst because its unchristian and the church is the only thing benefiting from it. If you are looking to attend one of his sermons they are on Friday in the town square.