The Willoughbys

Join the wild bunch of Willoughbys in their crazy lives.

Major and Minor Characters

The major characters are Nanny, Tim, Jane, Barnaby A, Barnaby B, and Commander Melanoff.

The minor characters are Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby, Ruth, Commander Melanoff's Son and Ex-wife.

Setting and Genre

The setting of the story is in the city at the Willoughby's house and at Commander Melanoff's Mansion.

I think the genre of this story is realistic fiction because this sounds like this could happen in real life.

The Rising Action

The first event is when Tim, Jane, and the Barnabys find a baby on their porch and name it Ruth.

The second event is when they put the baby on Commander Melanoff's porch.

The third event is when the Willoughbys persuede their parents to go on a trip to an island. The fourth event is when their parents finally accept the vacation oppertunity.

The fifth event is when Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby hire a nanny.

The sixth event is when they put the house up for sale.

The seventh event is when Nanny learns about the game Tim made up about the points. The eighth event is when they find out that they were being sold.

The ninth event is when they go on a walk, come back, and notice the house was sold.

The tenth event is when they move out and move into Commander Melanoff.

The eleventh/climax event is at the Melanoff house and Ruth is chewing on a letter that said FOUND TWO SURVIVERS!!!

The twelveth event is when the boy surviver takes a walk and buys a train ticket to see his father again. He then finally sees him again while Commander Melanoff is making a new candy bar.

The thirteenth event is when they finally realize who the boy is.

The fourteenth event is when the whole family settles down and lives together forever.

Conflict and Resolution

The problems in this story is when Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby put the house up for sale. The other problem is the ex-wife and son supposedly died in a train accedent when they really didn't.

The resolution is that they keep searching for the two lost people and the Willoughbys move into the Melanoff house.

Point of View and Theme

I think the point of view is to entertain the reader.

I think the theme is true family is forever because even though Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby were blood family they didn't love the children. Commander Melanoff and Nanny did.

Compound/Complex Sentence and Dialog

Some of the dialog is: "May I speak," Asked Barnaby A.

A compound sentence in this book is: Barnaby B was meticulous, and decided his skyscraper would have three hundred and thirty-six windows with twelve per-floor.

A complex sentence in this book is: