Google Chrome Extensions #6

Learning about extensions and how to use them


Pocket in the Google Chrome Store

Save links, videos, and articles to view later. If you're like me you might flip through your newsfeed for Facebook or Twitter and run across something you'd like to read later. Use Pocket to save it for later and view even without online access.

Google Keep

Google Keep in the Google Chrome Store

Can also access through

Great app to create to do lists and reminders. You can also set it for reminders to be sent to you based on your location. If you have multiple devices you can add the app to each device and the reminders will sync.

Move It!

Move It in the Google Chrome Store

Move it is a brain break extension. You can set it up for activities to pop up on your computer screen. This will be great to use in the classroom. We use the computer whole class and the screen will automatically pop up to get us up and moving! I can't wait to use it with my classes.

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