Federalist Party



One of first priorities facing the new government

1. Antifederalists had sharply criticized the Constitution for not

having one.

2. Many states had ratified under the condition that one be included.

B. Amendments to the Constitution could be achieved two ways:

1. A new constitutional convention requested by 2/3 of the states

(has never happened)

2. 2/3 vote by both houses of Congress and ratification by 3/4 of

states (has happened on 18 separate occasions--we now have 27


C. Federalists feared another constitutional convention might reverse

their victory

1. James Madison drafted and submitted amendments to Congress.

2. Madison's draft based largely on George Mason's bill of rights in


D. Bill of Rights -- First ten amendments to the Constitution adopted in


1. Provided safeguards for some of America's core principles:

Amendment I: Freedom of speech, religion, press, petition &


Founders of the Federalists

The three founders of the Federalists, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison worked together to create a series of essays that strongly supported their ideas.

Party Platform

  • The Federalists strive to encourage fiscal responsibility in our government as well was building and maintaing a strong and stable economy.
  • The Federalists believe in democracy through free elections.
  • They also believe our economy is the most powerful force in our nation and because of that,it should always be the first priority.
  • We believe in having strong bonds with foreign nations, especially those that directly border our great nation.
  • We believe in being non-interventionists and should not be seeking wars to participate in.