Biography of Mark

by Torin M.

The Life Mark Lives

Mark was born on Newport Naval Airbase in Road Island, he was born May 30, 2000. Mark grew up in Provance Road Island. His greatest memory was when we was 4 and he attend the 2004 Super Bowl that the patriots played in. He plays soccer and some basketball in his free time, Mark would like to grow up and be a sports analyst. He likes to spend time with family and friends, he has two pets he also enjoys spending time with. Mark plans on attending Michigan university

Some of Marks Favorites

Mark has a obsession with Nike and wants to be sponsored one day. His favorite things to do are play sports, hang out with friends, ano spend time with his family. His favorite food in pizza, math is his favorite subject and his favorite football team is the New England Patriots. Mark has watched a lot of movies in his life but would say Finding Nemo.