Rhys Evans: The Case Study

By: Ryan, Jake, Jeanette, Andrew, Courtney

What Did He Have?

Rhys is a sick baby, but with what? SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency disorder).

That's where your body does not produce enough proteins necessary to create cells of your immune system. Leaving your body defenseless.

Was he the first Bubble Boy?

He was considered to be the pioneer of the "bubble boy" thanks to the gene therapy that saved him. The doctors took some of his own blood stem cells from his bone marrow, then inserted the cells into the correct location. Doctors had hoped that he was going to be able to produce his own immune system cells.

The Luck of the French

By a stroke of bad luck, two French boys went under the same gene therapy, but something went wrong. All seemed fine but eventually the two boys both developed leukemia. Which is an uncontrollable division of your cells, also known as blood cancer. The doctors had inserted the blood stem cells into an incorrect location, interrupting the function of the gene that helps control the rate of cell division.