Lyons Mill Elementary Explorer

November 2020

American Education Week

A school year like no other calls for an American Education Week (Nov. 16 – 20) like no other. Baltimore County Public Schools is dedicating the week to celebrating Education Heroes – which includes everyone who supports students’ academic and social-emotional growth.

“We are so proud of the way the entire community has come together to ensure that learning continues during this unprecedented pandemic,” said BCPS Superintendent Dr. Darryl L. Williams. “Our Education Heroes include teachers, but also families/caregivers, frontline and behind-the-scenes staff, administrators, volunteers, and supporters. During this week, we will honor them all and provide opportunities for unique learning experiences.”

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BCPS ReOpening Plan

As the first semester ends, and if it is safe to do so, BCPS will implement a hybrid-instructional approach for the second half of the school year. This hybrid approach will prioritize bringing identified and targeted students back for in-person instruction for a few days a week on a rotating basis while still offering parents the choice of a full-time virtual learning approach. This plan prioritizes the health, welfare, and safety of students and staff while maximizing learning for students given the prevalence of COVID-19 in Baltimore County. In order to promote continuous improvement, at the end of each marking period BCPS will survey stakeholders regarding the virtual instruction approach. Details on the window of parent choice and identified students will follow.

At this time, students are not scheduled to return to school buildings. When invited to do so, families of identified students may choose through an online questionnaire to begin hybrid learning or to continue virtual learning.

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New to BCPS? Please Sign Up for a BCPS One Parent Account

To prepare for the upcoming school year we encourage you to complete the following:

Sign up for a BCPS One parent account. A BCPS One account provides you with access to Schoology. This will allow you to view your child’s teacher, class schedule, assignments and grades. Additionally, the email you provide for your BCPS One account will also be the email address we use for school-wide communication.

To sign up (CLICK HERE)

Lost or Stolen Devices

If you child's BCPS issued computer has been lost or stolen, you must file a police report and inform the school that the student no longer has a device.

Lost Charging Cords

Lost computer charging cords can be replaced at the cost of $40 per charging cord. If the charging cord is broken it can be replaced at no cost. Please call the school for support.

We will have a full day of school on Wednesday, November 4 and 25

If a week has less than 5 school days, Wednesdays will become a live instruction day and students will follow a full day schedule. In order to maximize instructional time during virtual instruction, any calendar week with fewer than five (5) school days will follow the schedule for instruction as outlined on a typical Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

BCPS Attendance Guidelines During Remote Learning

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iBienvenidos! Welcome!

We are well into our academic year in Spanish class, and we’re having so much fun! We are learning, dancing, playing games, and having conversations IN SPANISH!

In 4th grade, we’ve learned how ask about and express: our feelings, our name, our age, and our birthday! We can also count to 31 in Spanish and can identify the months of the year, some seasons, and some weather conditions.

In 5th grade, we have done a lot of reviewing (or new learning for new students to Spanish). We have reviewed how to express how we feel and how to introduce ourselves and our family members by name. We have reviewed how to identify who lives with us (including pets), how to express the activities and sports we like/don’t like to do as well as our family members’ preferences…and WHEN we like to do those activities (weather, seasons, and days of the week).

PLEASE check your child’s grades and progress for Spanish as well as the resources that are posted on Schoology in your child’s Spanish course link. All work that needs to be completed is posted in the GREEN “Independent work to be completed” folder. Your child can review everything we’ve learned in class on Google Meet as well as through the asynchronous weekly folders before submitting any work, however it is important that the work be completed in the order it is posted for consistent learning to take place. If you or your child needs help with ANY of the work, please reach out to me, and we can set up a private Google Meet session. My contact information is the first thing on the Spanish Schoology course page (

I’m looking forward to a GREAT rest of the year working