What is Thrive?

Now that you have a free customer account, what's next?

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What is THRIVE?
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I'm a Customer! Now what?

Now that you have joined the family, what do you do? As a Le-Vel Brand Customer, you are set up for success the minute you register your FREE account. Everyone is provided with FREE tools for success. Register for FREE. Earn FREE products!

#1 ~ First things first... Listen to this:

THRIVE 24 HR RECORDING: 641-715-3659 PIN 137907#

#2 ~ "LIKE" the Le-Vel Facebook page.

These are real people with real stories! Don't just "like" the stories, click "Share". You never know who will be inspired to Thrive!


Make sure that you are on Autoship, that way you can get the discounted rate! It also helps the person that referred you to get their product for FREE! Want yours free, too? Just refer 2 of your friends to purchase on Autoship. It's that easy!!

Do these few easy steps and you will be well on your way to reaching your goals!

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Interested in joining our team?

Here are a few of the perks!

Mandy Liles

I am the wife to an amazing man, a crazy busy mom of two beautiful ladies, a new "Mimi," and the owner of two businesses. Whew! God has blessed me with so much! Together with my husband, we run a small plumbing and construction company. He works the field and I manage the office. Nearly two years ago, Thrive came into our lives, and it has been wonderful! I love the changes it has made for our family and business lives, and more so, the relationships that have come out of this great new family. I would love to see you at the next "family reunion"!
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