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My take away from the 1st TN Core Office Meeting

Writing implementation doesn't have to consist of a 5 paragraph essay.
Try easy to integrate, fun, applicable writing prompts that don't scream writing...even better, have students type the prompt instead of using a preference is using Google Drive & assigning the activity through Google Classroom :-)

Reinforce Content with the following Sample Tasks

5 Solo Student Options

1. "Fakebook" post or "Twister" feed
2. "FakeText" messages or create an Infographic to sum it up | FakeText Classroom Ideas
3. Online Trading Cards or Comic Strip
4. Blog or create a Postcard Online describing the lesson or historical event
5. Story Book

follow up with another student responding to the solo task

5 Partners/Group Options

1. News Story
2. Poem or Rhyme
3. Create a Skit
4. Write a Song
5. Round Robin Story

follow up by having the groups perform or record the task

5 Digital Options

1. Google Drive & Google Classroom are my #1 tools
  • Slides | create stories, build presentations, news report, poems, etc
  • Docs | students can work solo or in collaboration with other students
  • Draw | create a visual image or postcard or info-graphic
  • All Creations | share with teacher or publish to the web
  • Classroom | make a template & assign a copy to each student
2. Record
  • iPad/Tablet | camera tool to create a video acting out the task, or record the song/skit& save to the device
  • Camcorder | record the task & compile videos using MovieMaker or iMovie
3. Apps/Web Tools
4. Back Channels
  • LinoIt or Padlet can be used for a story wall, blog post, comments, Q&A, etc
  • Edmodo blogstyle for education, similar to Facebook
  • Chatzy (similar to twitter feed but private)
5. Weebly
  • education accounts free
  • student accounts are tied to teacher account, free for approx 30-40 accounts
  • use for students build a faux website to describe a unit of study

5 Social Studies Resources

Flexbooks or PDF version via Tullahoma City Schools

PDF Example: Grade 3 pdf version

Tina Faust

Instructional Technology Specialist
Hawkins County School District