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Working Scientifically in Manchester Primary Schools

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"Working Scientifically"

Our KS2 Forensic Science Workshop supports the New National Curriculum (Science) helping to develop pupils’ awareness of scientific enquiry through Forensic Science and the applications, techniques and authentic processes used within a Crime Scene Investigation by using CSI hands-on activities. Introducing elements of the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters, in addition to assisting in your pupils transitional development. Additionally, a great workshop if your school is doing a Crime & Punishment topic!

Teachers Comments

St Annes Ancoats Primary School, Manchester

The workshop its self was fantastic! The children were engaged throughout irrespective as to whether they were EAL or not. The hands on approach ensured that everyone in the group could participate and learn different skills too. The workshops themselves were educational and showed the children well as to why they shouldn’t commit a crime and how they would be caught if they did. The two sessions were great as in the first they learnt the skills that enabled them to investigate and discover who it was in the second half, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

The resources used were excellent and they allowed the children to fulfil many activities to the best of their ability and see exactly how it was done. There were great examples given like the shoe mould and other alternative were offered so that all were included. The volume of resources available and the quality of them too were exceptional and allowed the children to experience something they otherwise wouldn’t. I would highly recommend booking this workshop as the children gained so much from it and there was even an impact upon the members of the staff too! The sessions are well organised, well resourced and educational for all. This is definitely a workshop you should book for your school.

Moorfield Primary School, Cutnook Lane, Irlam, Manchester

Our children really enjoyed the full day experience with Pulse. They were very hands on and gripped from the very beginning. All resources were well prepared and the children enjoyed using new and exciting equipment. One child said “It’s the best day ever I’ve really enjoyed it!” I would thoroughly recommend Jacqui for a unique scientific experience for KS2 children. Her demonstration on E-Safety was particularly useful to our children. Jacqui was friendly yet very professional, we enjoyed having her at our school and look forward to her coming again!

Barton Clough Primary School, Manchester

Once again can I just say a huge thank you from me to you and Asha for organising and leading the most amazing day ever! To see 120 children on task from 9.00am to 3.00pm was just fantastic, especially as there was a whole range of ages and abilities in one hall – no mean feat! In the words of our school secretary ‘In the 24 years I’ve worked at this school, we’ve never had a day as good as this!’ The children were motivated, enthusiastic and so keen to learn and apply the techniques you showed them. These are some quotes from the children I interviewed today:

‘It’s a good way to learn Science . . . . it is more interesting when you’re doing it’.

‘I really enjoyed using the different equipment and dressing up as a CSI investigator. That was really cool’.

‘I learnt that you have to wear the white suits to prevent your DNA getting mixed up with other evidence. I didn’t know that before’.

‘I loved it because it was really interactive’.

‘It’s a lot more complicated than what you see on the TV CSI!!’

Hope these are useful. The children have been buzzing all day today too telling me about the things they enjoyed. I’m so glad it was such a success and there is no doubt about us asking you back next year. Thank you so much Jacqui

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