Come to our Christmas Truce Party

Details of the event

Please come join us for our celebration of Christmas. It will be held at No Man's Land and we will do many activities. We will be meeting the other side of men. We will be playing soccer and do many other activities. So please come and join your brothers and relax and smoke a cigar with the other side.

Planned Events

7:00-12:00 Meet and Greet

12:00-3:00 Soccer Battles

3:00-5:00 Exchange Supplies

5:00-7:00 Sing Carols

7:00-12:00 Sit by the bonfire and smoke cigars

Christmas Truce Party

Friday, Dec. 25th 1914 at 7am

No Man's Land

Climb up your ladder and walk straight. When you here gun shots turn to your slight left.

Lh Part Planning Company

I have been doing this for five years now.I am very good at what I do I hope that you can trust me and my work, and I hope that I can make you really enjoy your party celebration.