Lineville Technology Units

By: Sydney Tappy

Typing Web

In Typing Web, I got to become a much better typer. The courses were challenging enough to push me forward to become a better typer. However, I didn't appreciate how they timed you. Adding on to that I also didn't like how they put you places for how many words per minute you can get. I feel and educational typing program should test students on their accuracy, rather than speed or words per minute.

On the other hand, I think it still pushes students to do their best they are when typing. I have become a more accurate, faster typer.

I also appreciate how they offer games. So that the can make typing more fun rather than something that students don't want to do. Overall, I enjoy some parts of Typing Web, while others I don't appreciate as much.


I enjoyed iTrailer very much! It gave me many options, and let me do a variety of things. I enjoyed how they gave some options to make a decent trailer. They let us use different themes, and told us which setting works best with each slide in that theme.

On the flip side though, they themes were very limited. Also, when you want to put in a video, it limits you to a very short time. This was challenging when we did our project because I had lots of video clips that I wanted to add more time onto, but couldn't.

I learned how to become better with making videos, and presenting them. Overall, I think that iTrailer could fix some errors, but other than that, I enjoyed making the project.

Haiku Deck

I greatly appreciated Haiku Deck! I got the ability to be creative and still make it a very well put together presentation. I would definitely use this presentation source again. I learned how to use a different presentation format and also enjoyed doing the project.

I enjoyed how we were able to insert pictures relating to the topic as the background of the slide. I also appreciated the use of the notes we were able to use so when we presented we had everything we needed to say in front of us, and didn't have to look on the screen.

It was also easy to present. You just slid over the current slide to the next, which is very helpful when presenting. I would highly recommend this app!

Explain Everything

I learned a whole new presenting style when I used Explain Everything. I enjoyed the ability to be able to talk while presenting and turn it into a video. I did think that it let me use my creativity in a different style. I also loved how it let me draw so I could give a visual as well as speaking. I also appreciated the laser tool.

On the flip side, I do wish that you could have more than four different background choices. Along with this, I wish more than three colors of the pen, were given. When I did my presentation, that was one of the issues I ran into. I wanted to do so much more that they didn't give me.

Overall, I don't think that it was half bad. It wasn't my favorite, but I would use it again.

Go Animate

Go Animate was a very fun unit for for me. I enjoy doing different types of things similar to this program. It let me use my creativity in many different ways. I did like how I could type what I wanted to say and the character said it! I also very much appreciated the way we could decorate the room how we wanted it to be and how we got to do any kind of theme/setting. We did two truths and a lie which I thought was great considering most of us have never used Go animate.

However, I did not like the fact that we only had limited amounts of characters. I also did not appreciate how when I used the text to talk option, it sometimes mispronounced the words I typed. Along with this, I didn't like how if you wanted text to be written, a hand comes up and writes it out. I would've liked it much better if the hand didn't appear.

To conclude, Go Animate was a fun and simple project. I would use it again, however, some things I didn't appreciate very much, and could use some fixing.

Career Locker

I learned tons of new jobs that are out there and I also learned about those jobs. I got to explore and learn tons of new things that I didn't known before. I got to learn about colleges and pricing of the job and the college. I also got to know more about the degrees that it takes to achieve my goals. I now know more about the degrees and what degrees are need for the job(s) that I want to do.

I never found to many bad things about the site. The only negative I would say is that the unit was very long. I felt like even though it was supposed to be the longest unit we had, it did ruin a little too long and I would've liked to spend some of that extra time on other units.

I thought that overall it was a good program! The overall time spent on this program, I didn't like as much.