Handicap Project

Cerebral Palsy

The Problem

Design and fabricate a device that will meet the specific needs of a person with a disability.

Our Disability - Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is caused by abnormal development of the brain before birth. It causes a wide range of muscle control problems. Some of which require the afflicted to use a walker or crutches.
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Solution - Suspension Crutches

Suspension crutches are crutches with a mid-power spring on the end that allows the user to push themselves with more force than with crutches alone. This allows for greater movement speed and mobility among users.

Math and Science Concepts

As the spring is pushed down, it stores potential energy in its coils. When the user brings the crutches back, the springs will release the energy into the ground causing the user to be pushed toward their path.


People who use crutches to move will gain more movement and thus will be able to be more active in the society.


Quality Control Criteria

- Crutch must be able to support 300 pounds.

- Spring must be able to be able to output 20 pounds of upward force when compressed 30%.

- 3D printed parts must not be within a 90% margin of error.

Operation Process

  1. 3D print arm holder and grip to order's specifications.
  2. Cut aluminum pole to customer's size.
  3. Attach spring bit to end of pole
  4. Construct whole crutch
  5. Ship to customer

Facility Layout

The crutch factory will be separated into 3 areas for 3D printing (for the grip and handle), metal working (for the spring and support pole) and construction/deployment (where everything is put together and shipped.
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