Marco Polo

A Venetian who revealed China

Marco Polo's Background Information

Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy as a merchant, in 1254 while his own father and uncle was on a trip to China. While Marco Polo's father (Nicolo), and his brother went on their 24 year trip, Marco's mother died. Nicolo came back to 15 year old Marco and tragedy; seeing that his own wife died while he was gone.

Marco Polo's Achievements and Discoveries

In 1271 to 1272, Marco Polo left on his travel 7,500 miles away to China. Even though he was thought that he was the first European to have spent a lengthy time in southeastern China, he did no discover any land that was new, but he was known for is travels to China. After 7,500 miles and was almost killed 2 times adventure, he finally arrived in Khanbalic (today's Beijing). He was introduced to Kublai Khan, the ruler of China during that time and later on, Marco became the messenger of the Khan, or the trusted eyes and ears of the Khan.

Moments after becoming the messenger of the Khan, he lead an expedition that went from the Yellow River to the Indian border. After several years of travels he decided to go back home. In the process of coming home, he was thrown in jail, where his greatest achievements and discoveries were recorded. After his experience in jail, he returned home, were he decided to come back to China. When he returned to China, the Mongols invasion has already taken place. After explaining his position before the invasion, he was given a chance to escort a Mongol Princess to Persia.

Impact on World

After years of being on his trip to China, he returned to inform people about Chinese culture. In addition to informing people about China, Marco Polo explained the Khanate of Mongol. Before Marco Polo went on his trip, people didn't know much about the Chinese. Now, when Marco Polo went on his trip and came back, his country now was informed about the Chinese.
Biography in Context

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