Be Safe and Respectful Online

By Areianna and Christina

Better Safe Than Sorry

Don't post things that will disgust people or disturb them. Don't post pictures that you would want your family seeing. No one wants to know every single detail of your life because you can post lots of comments.
Don't brag and post pictures online because it can hurt someone's feelings. It can also ruin your reputation because people would think you like to show off. You can even lose friends because they will think you're a mean person.
Post peaceful things and spread love because we all deserve to be treated fairly online. You can create lots of drama in person if you post hateful things. Also do not share your address or your phone number because people may not be who they claim to be.
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Posting complaining comments seems like your asking for attention. Also adjust your privacy settings so only the people you want to see it can see only see it. Remember it can ruin your social life.