Typing Mishaps

By: Kiana Hall

Technlogoy Injurgies?!?

Do you love play on the computer? Or going on a social network like twitter or facebook? Well I hope you have a wrist rest on that keyboard or mouse. Because there is a change you can get surgery on that wrist of yours.

How can i be safe form this?

A little helping wrist.

Well you how can you be safe? You can get a wrist rest for your keyboard. What you have to do is just have to place the wrist rest on the keyboard and CLICK. You have a wrist rest on your keyboard. you can also get scaphoid farcture just be using your mouse. If you notice you also bend your wrist on the mouse of the computer. That is why there is a mouse pad, most the mouse pads have jell in them. You can also get the injergys from play the drums... Now I'm getting off topic.

My Bio

Hello! I'm Kiana Hall and I go to HRMS (it is a middle school.) I am in 6th grade. The reason why I want everyone to know about this because I don't want to everyone to have surgery on there wrist. I just to inform everyone about this because its happens to a lot of people and don't want you to be one of those people.