Great Retreat

Facts about us (circle 8)

  • The Thieves in this circle are attacked by snakes and lizards.
  • The Hypocrites must be hidden from view by large heavy cloak.
  • The Seducers are endlessly driven like cattle.
  • Simoniacs are set in a hole upside down and their feet are set on fire.
  • The Sowers of Discord are torn apart by a demon with a sword.
  • The Deceivers are forever hidden from view because they are being consumed by flames.


Circle 8 is a wonderful place to go and honeymoon or vacate. Have a new spouse come here for the best honeymoon you can ask for. We have the best rates out of all of the circles of Hell.

Snake Party

Friday, Sep. 20th 2013 at 2pm-2:15am

Circle 8, Hell

Come party with our "snake" balloons.

Great Time, Fun Place, Nice People

Feces Pool Party

Sunday, Sep. 22nd 2013 at 2:15am to Monday, Sep. 23rd 2013 at 2:15am

Circle 8, Hell

Come party with us in our feces pool it is an amazing way to meet and greet.

The seducers hamburger party

Monday, Sep. 23rd 2013 at 2:15pm

circle 8 hell

After the pool party come to this fun and FREE dinner where you can meet and greet and have a great time at this amazing dinner put on by the seducers.


To get to Circle 9 you must cross the Broken Bridges. Unfortunately they are broken at the moment so you must cross through the hypocrites ditch.

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