Anne Frank has a hunger for knowledge, and creativity. She is very a very moody and sensitive young lady. She writes in her diary every single day, and every given day for two years symbolizes the growth of her since day one of hiding. Mr.Frank loves books, news, and history. He has a kind spirited man and he is a clown in the annex to cheer up everyone around him. When he is angry he has an even-temper and he is eager for peace in every situation. He is known as the peace maker. Margot Frank is Anne Franks older sister. She was 16 when they started hiding and 18 when they got caught. Margot is smarter, quieter, prettier, and more grown up than Anne. The two sisters don't get along. Mrs.Frank is Anne and Margots mother. Anne and her mother have issues and she is very hurt with Anne's attitude. She sometimes gets into arguments with Mrs.VanDaan. Anne and her mother do not share a close relationship like regular mothers and daughters do. Peter VanDaan in the beginning of the hiding he was extremely awkward, and not a person Anne would notice right away. Towards a year and a half of hiding Anne suddenly notices the hints of Peter liking her. She has a crush on him, but she doesn't like the way that he doesn't care about his personal growth. Mr.VanDaan is Peters father. He is very rude and he is not mentioned alot in the story but he fights with Mrs.VanDaan, his wife alot during the hiding. He is also addicted to smoking. Mrs.VanDaan is Peters mother and she is the one person Anne cannot stand. She is jealous with Anne's relationship with her son Peter. She want's Peter to pay more attention to her than Anne. She is very neat and tidy and she is easier for Anne to approach and talk to than her own mother. Mr.Dussel is a fussy old dentist and he is Annes roommate in the annex. He does not respect Anne at all. He is very selfish and he never thanked the VanDaans or the Franks for letting him stay. He endangers the VanDaans and the Franks because he makes so much noise, breaks the rules, and eats all the limited food and he refuses to share. He fights with everyone in the annex and he gives the silent treatment alot. Mr.Kraler works for Mr.Frank. Miep works in the office underneath the secret annex. She provides the Franks and VanDaans food, news, and happiness.