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Why BodSAT?

Only BodSAT Prep has worked exclusively to create an approach that fixes the unique issues of students who have already scored in the top twenty percent: PSAT 180+ / SAT 1800+ / ACT 27. Scores at these levels indicate that the student's fundamentals are solid and need no more work.

But such students are routinely under-served: most other programs teach to the middle and drill these unneeded fundamentals. High-scoring students have needs that are different from the needs of most students. BodSAT has spent over ten years developing curriculum that specifically meets these needs.

High-scoring students need to strengthen good habits. There are no shortcuts; BodSAT teaches the habits that lead to extraordinary scores.

Other companies only get students to work hard; BodSAT get students to work smart. Working smart will help them get into college... and keep helping them once they're there.

First Contact with BodSAT Prep

  1. Analyze performance issues for high-scorers
  2. Determine whether BodSAT is a good fit

Family Consultation (Spring 2014: $375 for 90 minutes)

The goals of the consultation include some or all of the following:

  1. Assess fundamentals: reading, writing and math
  2. Assess study and sleep habits (and provide advice the student can act on immediately in school)
  3. Determine appropriate test (SAT vs ACT)
  4. Determine appropriate test date
  5. Determine appropriate prep schedule

Please note: We recommend the Consultation during the sophomore year when possible, so that we can maximize the benefit of the assessments. This means planning early instead of prepping early.

Preparation Options with BodSAT Prep

  1. SAT Seminar*
  2. Private SAT or ACT Package* at tutor’s location (in person or via Skype)
  3. Private SAT or ACT Package* in client's home
  4. Hourly tutoring for non-qualifying students
  5. Hourly tutoring for other tests and subjects as listed below

*Appropriate for students who qualify with scores at PSAT 180+ / SAT 1800+ / ACT 27+

Hourly Tutoring for Other Tests and Subjects

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BodSAT Prep

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