New Technological Inventions

Get more work done in shorter amounts of time!

Cut your time working in half by using these three new inventions!

1) Seed Drill

This handy device evenly distributes seeds throughout your crops at an ideal depth, making sowing a breeze! All you need to do is pull it across your field or any farmland on horseback, and it digs into the dirt, drops the seeds, and covers it with the appropriate amount of soil. Using the seed drill will reduce the time it takes to plant as well as the amount of seeds that are wasted or eaten by birds. The seed drill is perfect for those who want to grow large amounts of a crop in a shorter amount of time.

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2) Telephone

Communicate with others miles away without having to travel there! The telephone is designed to send and receive sound waves across long distances so that you will be able to have conversations with people too far away to be heard directly. Long way communication is just at your fingertips with a few little spins of the dial.
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3) Cotton Gin

Remove those pesky seeds from cotton fiber faster with the cotton gin. Insert your cotton into the machine, then crank the handle to pull it through. One run through the cotton gin, and your cotton will be free of any seeds and other impurities. You will be able to produce 50 pounds of pure cotton a day, with less of it going to waste.
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