Digital Dna

What Do You Use? How Do You Use It?

The First Day

I've been using my camera lately to take photos of things that mean alot to me. Even though I'm using an electronic device, I'm still finding time with them. I enjoy taking photos of them and editing them in my photography class. So using my camera and computer counts towards my digital DNA.

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The Second Day

On the second day, my family and I went to the races (Anderson Speedway) to watch my dad. We're all having a good time and my brother is being really goofy!

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The Third Day

The best thing about taking photos is that its not limited, so I went to my grandparents house and spent alittle time on their farm. The chickens didn't exactly appreciate my camera.

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The Fourth Day

The guys and my dad have been working hard on my dad's buddy's car. Tonight we go to Winchester Speedway! My dad gets to be apart of his crew, and I get to shoot some photos! It was a funny night and everyone loved posing for a shot!

The Fifth Day

I'm finally home, and its time to spend time with my man! It's been a long week, but I'm ready to cuddle! Let's call him!

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The Sixth Day

This is what I enjoy so much about the country side. The scenery is amazing and the smells are fresh, just like the food. You can't go a day without either lemonade or sweet tea. The best places to take pictures are in all natural places. The countryside.

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The Seventh Day

She loves the Xbox! So do I, but I just had to get this shot of her acting so determined and focused. We may fight a lot and get on each other's nerves, but shes my sister and I'd do anything, even play Xbox together all night.

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The Eighth Day

It's just me and Zoey tonight. We're bored and going to pull an all nighter! Watching a movie right now, Maybe we'll go on a walk later!

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The Ninth Day

This happens to be my best friend, Brianna. She is probably the most goofy, outgoing person I know who has a good head on her shoulders. We've known eachother since we were 4 and we can't ever miss a beat when we hang out. Yea, she's also my cousin by marraige, but theres more than that in a friendship like this!

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The Tenth and Final Day

Today my brother has a Boy Scout meeting. They're going to the fire department! He just slid down the pole and hes ready to roll in the big truck!

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