ID Team Update: Q2S Transition

May 2016

Instructional Design & Educational Technology Team Mission

The mission of the Instructional Design and Educational Technology Department is to guide and support the development of standardized curriculum in a pursuit to provide equitable and consistent student experiences despite the location or delivery method of one's program. This unit strives to maintain curriculum that is rich, relevant, and dynamic.

Current Action:

  • We have already begun meeting with programs to discuss the Q2S transition. If you have not scheduled a meeting or been in communication with an ID please reach out to us to schedule a meeting; our calendars are filling up fast!
  • When are you ready to discuss Direct Measures for semester courses, let your ID know so we can include Anne Lansberry in any meetings.
  • 100% of all Program Outcome reviews have been completed!
  • The ORBIT to My Files (Blackboard) transition: ORBIT will be going away. We are only transitioning materials that will be used in the semester format. We will not be moving SLO documents, Learning Plans, or Faculty Guides as these will not be applicable in the semester format. Please complete the attached form no later than May 16, 2016 and email to (full instructions can be found on the form). ORBIT to My Files Transition Template

Course Build Documents

In Google Drive, within the Q2S Program Documents folder, you will see the Course Build Documents folder. The following documents can be found in this folder:

  • Directions on Where to Find Curriculum Docs
  • Learning Outcomes_Assignment Alignment Table
  • Materials Needed for Semester Courses Checklist
  • My Files to My Files Transition Instructions
  • Official SLO_Template_Semester
  • Orbit to My Files Transition Template
  • Resources & Assignment Chart_F2F
  • Resources & Assignment Chart_OL

Click here to access the Course Build Documents folder.

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How we can help you:

As part of our institution’s continuous quality improvement initiatives, we are here to assist you during the quarter to semester transition. The Instructional Design Team will support you through this process. To ensure consistency and efficiency to support Highly Effective Programs and Delivery Systems, we will:

  • Review Program Outcomes
  • Review and/or assist you in crafting Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Enabling Objectives (EOs)
  • Help facilitate the design of required assessments
  • Verify alignment of SLOs and EOs to the required assessments
  • Provide feedback on completed rubrics

Please Stay Tuned!

Check your email for further communication and updates from your ID Team!