The Riebli Record

John B. Riebli Elementary Newsletter--October 25, 2018

Tomorrow- Dress up day

Tomorrow. Join in on the fun and show your school spirit! Rainbow Day is this Friday!
Brought to you by the Riebli Student Council!

Kindergarten wear red
First grade wear orange
Second grade wear yellow
Third grade wear green
Fourth grade wear blue
Fifth grade wear purple
Sixth grade wear white/black

Garden News

We have found a parent to take the lead in bringing life back to the Riebli Garden. Currently, our garden needs irrigation ditches filled, and other minor refurbishing and maintenance done. If interested in helping, please contact Joel Arcila within the next week at 707/843-1544. He is a parent in Mrs. O'Hare's Kindergarten class and eager to embrace our Garden program and community. "Recover, Rebuild, Regrow."


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Principal's report

The book fair was a huge success. The library earned $5000 in scholastic money from the book fair. Did you know that the book fair is the only source of revenue for the library? The district pays the librarian’s salary, but not for books. We are so lucky to be a part of such a generous community that wants their children to read.

Volleyball came to a close this week. They beat Strawberry and played a great game on Thursday against Sheppard. Great job ladies!! Student Council hosted a Sports day last Friday and tomorrow is Rainbow day. Students should wear their class color.

Lots of projects are happening around campus. 4th grade is researching about California Native American Tribes. Kindergarten is learning about pumpkins. 5th grade is working on Mystery book reports and some of the classes have finished reading Wonders.

This week, all teachers attended a training on including Engineering in the classroom. They learned different ways to include it in the core subject areas. There were lots of tips and tricks passed around as the teachers learned from each other.

I want to take a moment and thank all the parents who volunteer at Riebli. Here is a list of people who volunteer just this week.

Amy Logue- Art

Dan Johnson- Ms. Bell

Denise Morris- Ms. Bell

Steve Johnson- Ms. Bell, Mrs. Gonsalves

Grandma Beseda- Ms. Beseda

Lisa Newman- Ms. Beseda

Christopher Cameron- Ms. Beseda

Melissa Kelly- Ms. Beseda

Melanie Barmore- Ms. Beseda, Library

Katherine Oliver- Ms. Bowman

Misty Roberti- Ms. Brewer

Najia Said- Ms. Brewer

Melanie Barmore- Ms. Brewer, Library

Tiffany Jacobs- Ms. Dyche

Katy Smith- Ms. Dyche

Jenn Tunzi- Ms. Dyche

Megan Kelly- Ms. Farrell

Olivia Williams & Lauren Hudson- Ms. Gohl

Will Larson- Ms. Gonyo

Wyatt Larson- Ms. Gonyo

Dan Johnson- Ms. Gonyo

Sonja Ottolini- Ms. Grayhorse

Jimmy Michels- Volleyball

Lisa Newman- Ms. Jaco

Sonja Ottolini- Ms. Jaco

Lindsay Daher- Ms. Lambert

Erin Tarkhanian- Ms. Miller

Adam Ehrenpfort- music piano

Nikki Koehlinger- Ms. O'Hare

Stacy Arcila- Ms. O'Hare

Esmeralda Gonzalez- Ms. Trager

Erik Melligan- Ms. Trager

Norma Ambrosio- Ms. Trager

Rachael Sparacio- Ms. Trager

Jessica Johannesen- Ms. Weber

Nora Gibbs- Ms. Weber, Ms. Grayhorse, Library

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