Leadership Inforgraphic

A personal analysis by Ethan Williams

What makes a great leader?

A great leader can be many different things. You could be Autocratic and control everything. Or you could be more of a delegating leader and provide little instructions and let your peers have free reign. I think I am more of Autocratic leader. I prefer to lead by example showing everyone exactly what to do and giving precise instructions. That is the ideal poster child of a autocratic leader. I think why i am this way is because of my leadership traits. My more showing traits are confidence and the ability to connect with the people i'm leading to make sure they trust me and what I'm saying. There are some leadership traits that some people have that maybe are unnoticed because of the more outspoken traits. One of these is empathy. Empathy is the ability to connect with someone emotionally about something that has happened in there life even though you have not experienced it.

Personality Types

Personality Types can affect the way you act or lead. My personality type is ESTP. ESTP's are many different things from great political figures like Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt. They are also actors like Meryl Streep and wealthy businessmen like Donald Trump. I think my personality type really fits me. I really want to end up someplace high up in the world of business when I grow up and I think my personality type really fits with my future goals.

What type of a leader are you?

What did I learn about myself?

I think I learned a lot of information about how I can become a better leader. I learned about leadership traits that aren't well known that could help me be a better leader. I also learned about my personality type and how that can affect my leadership. Finally, i learned about the different types of leaderships and which to use in different situations. I think I learned a lot about myself and how I can improve to be a better leader.