Monday Memo

January 4, 2016

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This is a great article with some awesome ideas for bringing a lesson to closure.


Jan. 4 Workday - Grades due today

Jan. 5 Verification sheets due at 3:30

Jan. 6 Report cards go home

Jan. 7 8:15 504 Meeting for PM Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen, Ruiz

Jan. 7 10:45 504 Meeting for HS Dankesreiter, Daugherty, C. Jonas, Schulte, Stanley, Stout

Jan. 7 2:15 504 Meeting for HB Hendrix, K. Jonas, Stover, Wendt, Wells, Stout

Jan. 8 St. Jude Math-a-thon begins

Jan. 12 8:10 ARD for MN Cahill, Puckett, Steigleder, Barnett, S. Brockett

Jan. 14 UIL Awards Night 6:30

Jan. 15 504 Meeting for KP Witler, Stout

Jan. 16 7:00 Winter Party

Jan. 18 Staff Development Day

Jan. 20 PLC College T-shirt and jeans day

Jan. 25 10:50 ARD for EC Ivans, Stanley, Steigleder, Stout, Woods

Jan. 25 2:20 ARD for YTC Fedde, Ivans, Steigleder, Wright

Jan. 27 3 week reports

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often


  • Mr. Reed needs a copy of your lesson plans electronically or in his box.
  • I need a copy of your newsletter electronically or in my box.
  • Please sign up for your observation.
  • This is School Board Appreciation Month. We are making a donation to the Ponder Education Foundation. Also please have your students make cards, banners, etc.