Volume 18 Issue 2 - Editor Melissa Giehl

Welcome to the Midyear Newsletter

Greeting RDS friends and family! Our staff and students have been very busy the last few months. The staff is EAGER to share with you some of the fun and exciting thing that have been happening at Regional Day School.

But first - Allow me to share some of our staff's good news!

A shout out to Ms. Joyce in PT, who will be retired as of March 1st - We all wish you the best on your retirement and please know that you will be missed by all of us. We are looking forward to Ms. Kerry being with us on a full time basis.

Congratulations to Ms. Kim's son, Brody. Brody was honored at the December Board of Education Meeting for "Athlete of the Month" at the Manchester Township Middle School. Brody plays baseball, basketball and soccer for the school. Way to go Brody!!!

Ms. Phoebe's son Josh recently got married to Nicole! Congratulations Josh and Nicole and best wishes!!

Ms. Phoebe would also like to celebrate her son Jason. Jason completed his first semester on the Honor Roll at Rowan College in Burlington County. Jason was also nominated to the National Society of Leadership and Success (Honor Society) for the Spring Semester. Congratulations on your accomplishments Jason!!

Our friendly staff is growing! Let's meet some of our newest staff members!


As a reminder, Regional Day School has a special calendar. Attached here is a link to the calendar for the upcoming school year 2023-2024 for your reference.

Also, please visit the Regional Day School's backpack for helpful information and upcoming events.

Facebook - YES we have a FACEBOOK PAGE - Enjoy pictures and school events and information for events around town.

Be on the look out for STEM Day information on March 21st.

The Penguin Plunge returns on March 25th at the Harry Wright Lake in Whiting.


Each month we celebrate a "Value of the Month."

January's value of the month was "Honesty."

February's value of the month was "Love of Learning."

Let's congratulate our Students of the Month

January - Daniel Sarana

February - Travis Jack

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Congratulations to Mrs. Kimberly Peel for being selected as the 2023 Teacher of the Year at Regional Day School through the New Jersey Governor's Teacher Recognition Program .

Congratulations to Ms. Haley Lindquist for being selected as the 2023 Educational Services Professional of the Year at Regional Day School.
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Principal's Message - Lisa Michallis

The winter season was a flurry of activity around the building! Teaching and learning is occurring in and outside of the classrooms. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities have been incorporated into all lessons. We are in the process of planning our first STEM Day! Thank you to the Manchester Township Educational Foundation for a very generous $15,000 grant to provide our students with STEM activities and materials. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 21st! You don’t want to miss our STEM Day!

March has many great events scheduled! March is Youth Art Month and our students’ art work will be on display in the conference room of the Manchester Township Public Library on Colonial Drive. This spring we are also excited for the return of the Penguin Plunge at Harry Wright Lake! This is our biggest community event to raise funds for the students’ spring prom and graduation luncheon. Join us on Saturday, March 25th for our 10 year anniversary! Additional information will be sent home and publicized soon!

The next Coffee with the Principal will be held at 10:00 am on Thursday, April 27th.This is a valuable opportunity for families to meet with me and learn more about the school and our initiatives, programs and upcoming events. April 27th is also our annual Field Day and you can cheer on our students in the many events they will participate in.

As spring starts to bloom, we are looking forward to the prom and graduation!

On behalf of the entire school community, thank you for your continued support of our students and programs!

Counseling - Phoebe Pennypacker, LPC School Psychologist

During the month of January our school focused on participating in the Great Kindness Challenge. Staff and students were asked to place a compliment or notes of appreciation for others on hearts that were cut out. These were placed on a bulletin board and around the school.

We also have "school spiritwear" days and daily quotes related to kindness. Teachers were provided with curriculum from The Great Kindness Challenge. This topic tied in very nicely to our Character Education Program of Color our School with Kindness. Please encourage your child to continue to be KIND to others.

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Nurse - Debra Gallaro

Happy March!

It is a heartfelt, fun and sometimes snowy month with Valentine’s and President’s Days and the hope for an early spring (despite what the groundhog predicted!). On the flip side, it is also a month that includes the cold and flu and other germs/viruses. Please continue to make an extra effort with your handwashing and be diligent about cleanliness, so scrub, scrub, scrub. As always, I recommend proper handwashing as it is the number one method to prevent the spread of germs and disease. With diligence we can maintain healthy classrooms and a healthy school environment! Thank you ahead of time for your effort.

February is American Heart Month. Healthy eating is a major part of taking care of your heart. Healthy eating leads to a healthy immune system, a healthy body and healthy heart. A healthy eating plan emphasizes:

1) Lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat or fat free milk products;

2) Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts;

3) Is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, sodium/salt, and added sugars;

4) Stay within your calorie needs (not too much and not too little).

A healthy heart starts in childhood. We now know that early heart disease can be found in children who have poor diets and a sedentary lifestyle. This is why it is so important to teach children healthy habits that will promote a healthy heart and overall well being. Starting good habits young can instill healthy habits to carry over through a child’s lifetime. Checkout a wonderful website with lots of heart-healthy tips and activities at

Interesting Facts About the Heart

  • An adult’s resting heart rate is 72 beats per minute; a child’s heart rate is 90-120 beats per minute.

  • An adult heart is the size of 2 fists; a child’s heart is the size of 1 fist.

  • Heart disease kills 2 x more people than all kinds of cancer.

  • Within 3 years of stopping smoking, a former smoker’s risk of heart attack is the same as that of a lifetime non-smoker.

  • The key to avoiding heart disease is to get moving. Aerobic activity is the best choice for cutting the risk of heart disease (running, swimming, biking for examples).

  • Morning is the peak time for heart attacks. The majority of heart attacks happen during the hours of 8 and 9 in the morning, and most on Mondays.

  • Laughing can be a great workout for your heart. Laughing can increase blood flow in your heart for up to 45 minutes, which improves heart health.

  • You can experience a “broken heart.” When you go through an emotionally difficult event, like the death of a loved one or the end of a romantic relationship, your body releases stress hormones. These hormones can cause symptoms similar to those of a heart attack. In some cases, these hormones can cause an actual heart attack.

For more information visit WE CAN! Website at

Also, the Keep the Beat: Deliciously Healthy Eating website at

Heart Healthy Snack Attack Ideas:

1 oz Almonds = 164 calories

1 stick of Celery Stick w/peanut butter = 286 calories

1 bowl Fruit Salad = 125 calories

2 Low Fat Cheese w/crackers = 50 calories

1 bowl Pineapple w/low fat cottage cheese = 110 calories

1 cup Low Fat Yogurt w/strawberries = 270 calories

Also, to further boost your health and immune system include the following fifteen recommended foods. These are citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, almonds, sunflower seeds, turmeric, green tea, papaya, kiwi, poultry, and shellfish. These foods include vitamins and minerals that help supplement our bodies so that our immune cells can function as intended to ward off illness and germs.

For further nutrition information, please visit the following healthline website at

If you remember to eat healthy the majority of the time, and continue to move, then you are on the road to a good, healthy life.

(Also, thank you Mary Kayrouz, East Salem School Nurse website for your great resources.) Also check out: for recipes.

Speech - Lauren Kelly, Haley Lindquist and Camilla Pietras

Hello Everyone!

The speech department would like to share some wonderful news! Congratulations to Ms. Haley for winning RDS’ Educational Service Professional of the Year! As well, congratulations to Ms. Haley, and Ms. Lauren for both earning grants to help support RDS students. Ms. Haley’s grant will go towards building a core vocabulary board for the playground to provide accessible communication. Ms. Lauren’s grant will go towards ordering Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) apps to assist with assessment, and advocating for the best individualized communication systems for our students. This has been a great few months for our department.

All this cold weather has us thinking about how spring is just around the corner. Here are some suggestions of stories you, and your child can read together to target speech-language skills. For more winter based stories please see our article in the previous newsletter.

1.) Rain Song, by Lezlie Evans: This book targets verbs, prepositions, and clothing to wear during rain storms. You can also incorporate sensory play while reading this book. We have used a fan for the wind, a drum for thunder, and a bin full of water to splash within to practice the verbs used within the book.

2.) What Will Hatch? by Jennifer Ward: This book targets the WH question "what", early prediction skills, and animals that hatch from eggs. It is a perfect book to read during the springtime with all the life blooming around us!

3.) Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt, by Kate Messner: This book is great for targeting the sequencing of planting, learning about insects/animals, learning about plants/vegetables that grow in gardens, patience/waiting, locations outside, and seasons. Spring is a great time to plant a garden.

We hope everyone braves this cold season! And has a safe, and happy few months.

  • Ms. Camilla, Ms. Haley, Ms. Lauren

OT - Alex Jacoby, Megan Melchionne & Leslie Old

The OT Department has welcomed another winter season with fun, winter-themed activities. Our students are busy working on seasonal projects to help make our OT room festive with window displays for upcoming holidays.

Some of our prevocational-focused groups have been cooking winter treats related to the season, such as “Snowman Crackers” and “Rice-Krispy Snowballs.” Some of our students have also been helping with organize the School Store in preparation for its opening this month.

We have been setting up Winter-themed sensory-motor obstacle courses for students to find hidden objects in winter and holiday sensory bins that they helped to create. We love to include activities that work on functional skills, while making it fun and geared towards current events!

We always strive to engage our students in functional and relevant activities from set-up to clean-up while making it interesting and fun for them. We’re excited to incorporate more holiday activities into our therapy sessions and provide fun and functional therapy to all of our students!

Ms. Alex, Ms. Megan & Ms. Leslie

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PT - Joyce Damen-Petit & Kerry Walsh

We have welcomed quite a few new friends to our PT room this winter. It has been fun getting to know you and starting our physical therapy adventure with you. For the “new” parents; if you need to reach us you can do so via email, telephone (best time to call is before 9:00 a.m. or after 2:30 p.m.), or just send in a note with your child. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

We are having lots of fun while working hard in PT. To make it more fun, we incorporate seasonal themes into our activities. Playing in “snow” (shredded paper) for a sensory experience is always a favorite of our students! Other fun winter activities that work on gross motor development, balance, and motor planning are “sledding” on the belly scooters in various positions, and “skating” on carpet skates. You can do this activity at home as well if you have a wooden floor or other smooth surface by putting paper plates under your child’s feet and having them slide their feet forward as if skating. Or have a “snowball” target throw activity or “snowball fight” with rolled up socks! Soft and easy to sanitize by throwing them in the washing machine afterwards. We have also been holding “football training camp” in preparation for the Superbowl, working on running with quick stops and turns, and various ball skill activities such as throwing, catching, and kicking.

A special message from Ms. Joyce - On a more personal note, March 1, 2023 marks the end of my 25 years as a school physical therapist at the Regional Day School as I will be retiring. Over the years, I have had the distinct honor and privilege to be part of the educational journey of many students. A special “thank you” to you, the parents, for trusting me with your most precious treasures. I will fondly remember all my “kiddos” and always hold them in my heart. Ms. Kerry will take over my full time position, and I am feeling good knowing your children will be in her compassionate and capable hands!

Ms. Joyce and Ms. Kerry, Physical Therapists

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Adaptive Physical Education - Traci Fuller

MUSCLE OF THE MONTH Deltoid (shoulder)

This is used for all lifting and throwing activities with the help of neighboring muscles, bones and joints. We are using our deltoid when we pick up, wind up and throw balls.


  • Throw with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

  • Catch 3+ times in a row or set a new record.

  • Catch with your dominant or non-dominant hand. Try to set a new record.


Our students have been practicing different throwing and catching skills these past few months; specifically overhand and underhand throwing with our dominant and non-dominant hands. We have had teams for different throwing and catching activities. They have been working on volleyball, badminton, baseball, and basketball skills.


Student’s have been working on their body awareness. They have been learning and understanding how their own body works. Students have been learning about eating right, staying active and being a healthy kid! Students participated in experiments and kid challenges that helped boost their nutrition know-how. It has helped everyone learn how to make their plates look like MyPlate (previously known as the Food Pyramid) and lots more!! Now the students can take what they have learned throughout their experiences to Nutrition journey and use it to make better decisions about food and exercise every day.


  • Overhand throw

  • Underhand throw

  • Catching with two hands

  • Eat extra vegetables

  • Drink more water


Our students will be learning a new game “Eyes Up, Hands Up.” This game teaches and encourages students to assign roles (goalie, thrower, defender, tagger, runner) in order to successfully defend their team’s goal while scoring in their opponent’s goal. Students will need to decide what kind of throwing techniques are best to score while using quick thinking to catch the balls being thrown onto their side of the gym. Students will have opportunities to reflect on their choices to find more effective and successful techniques to progress and improve.

Will will also be participating in March Madness of more basketball skills. So start deciding who your favorite team will be and you can wear their favorite color.

Thank you for allowing me to teach your amazing children. Enjoy this amazing weather that we continue to have and keep moving forward!!!


Ms. Traci Fuller

Physical Education/Health Department

Industrial Arts - Skip Peters

The shop is up and running and making tons of sawdust! Unfortunately, I cannot share what some of the students are working on because we want family members and friends to be surprised when the student brings home their projects.

We have some students working in the shop and for other students, Industrial Arts travels to them. For those students, I bring a cart loaded with STEM building tools and projects to their classroom. They explore with magnets, wooden blocks, and other great tools that we use to build the student's STEM skills. We build things like small roller coasters, electrical circuits, and sometimes electric race car tracks.

Our older students have recently graduated from using the handsaw to using the bandsaw and scroll saw and the students are doing great. I am really looking forward to our next project. The students will be given a selection of projects that they can chose to construct.

Student Council - Skip Peters

We have a newly elected Student Council at Regional Day School. As the lead teacher for the Student Council, I would like to congratulate all of the candidates that won their election and I am extremely proud that you all ran an excellent campaign. Each of the candidates were responsible for their own campaign.

They made posters, wrote campaign speeches and did awesome with their video presentations. We have had several meetings so far and voted on all the positions including voting in a new President Cody; Vice President, Jacob; Treasurer Aden; Sergeant at Arms, Travis; and A-Pod Representative, Amaiya; B-Pod Representative, Tommy; and C-Pod Representative, Juan.

Students are currently looking at new ways of fundraising so we can enjoy visiting new locations for field trips and having our end of the year party. Currently students are fabricating custom candle holders to sell. We are also running a Cornhole game set fundraiser. Tickets can be purchased up until March 17th.

Art - Paula Nowakowski

It's hard to believe we're at the midpoint of the school year already. It seems to go faster every year. As usual our art students are busy participating in numerous events and exploring new materials. A-Pod students just submitted their Safety Poster entries to the American Legion for their annual Safety Poster Contest. They always recognize our students with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. Several of our students have had their entry move up to the county and even state levels in the past. We are anxiously awaiting the decision for this year's entries.

All classes will be participating in two events. The first one was the district wide Valentine's Day Dance at the Ridgeway Elementary School on Saturday February 11th. We provided some of the decorations and received art contributions from the other elementary schools. These art decorations were also used to decorate for our own RDS Valentine Dance that was on February 14th.

We are also very busy preparing for the Manchester Library Art Show which will be on display during the month of March for Youth Arts Month. This Art Show was on hold for the last two years and we are so excited that it is available to us again. It will feature at least one piece of artwork from every student in the school. The students have been using some interesting materials such as patterned and textured papers, dry brush painting techniques, pearl paint and even fork painting to create some winter treasures that I'm sure you will enjoy seeing at this art show.

Be on the lookout for the information flyer that will be coming home at the end of February. I hope many of you will be able to attend. It is always such a pleasure to see the students proudly showing their art work to family and friends.


Miss Paula

A-2 - Carolyn Roselli

The students worked very hard over the past few months. The month of November we took a trip to Manchester High School to assemble baskets for families in need. It was a lot of work however, it was a great feeling to know we were helping others.

We read The Christmas Carol however, not the traditional novel. Our class read the play. All students were assigned to the various parts. They really got into it by changing their tone and voice to fit the character they were playing. Since there are so many versions of the movie, we chose the one we wanted to watch to culminate the story. They really enjoyed it and came away with some good lessons.

We were super excited about the outcome of Student Council Elections. Every member of our class has a role on the Council. I am happy to say we have the President and Vice President right here in A2. They have had a few meetings and are looking forward to the fundraising and events that they will be involved in.

We enjoyed getting the school ready for Christmas and the party that Holiday Express provided for us. We had so much fun during our month of activities.

With the start of a new year, we talked about our resolutions and are looking forward to seeing if we can achieve them. We have been busy writing letters to our new Pen Pals, and coming up with ideas for fundraising for the POD. We had a blast bowling in February.

A-3 - Thomas Rosetti

The students in A-3 have continued to develop their skills over the past few months. Not only have they continued to practice their reading, writing and mathematical skills, we have analyzed and discussed many topics in current events. We have learned about the US economy and how its current state affects our daily lives. We also learned how the government is set up and how laws are made. Through Reading about and discussing current events we also learned about the weather and natural disasters, their effects on local communities and how we respond to such events. The students enjoyed discussing these topics and researching them.

In Math, the students really had fun continuing to learn mathematical concepts through its applications in football as well as learning personal finance skills such as saving and budgeting for the future. In Science we researched topics such as motion and energy. The students built paper airplanes and catapults to explore how such science concepts are used in the military for planes taking off and landing on aircraft carriers. The students also practiced their critical thinking and building skills by trying to build the tallest structure they could by using spaghetti and marshmallows for their building products. The past few months have been fun and exciting.

A-4 - Kimberly Peel

We have had a lot of changes in A4 since the beginning of the school year. We have welcomed two new students and two new paraprofessionals. They have been a wonderful addition to our class. The students have been continuing to learn different strategies to use when adding and subtracting, comparing numbers and writing in expanded form. We have been learning how to ask questions as we read and how to identify the main idea and key details. The students learned all about matter and were able to engage in many experiments. We made root beer floats, watched a balloon inflate by combining vinegar and baking soda, made Oobleck and watched the results of putting Mentos into different liquids.

Since the new year we have been able to go to the library, bowling, have pizza at Cafe Napoli, eat ice cream at Dairy Queen, and go shopping at Dollar Tree! Back in December, we went to the Freehold Mall to visit Santa. We are excited to go back to visit the Easter Bunny soon! We’ve had so much fun celebrating school spirit days, STEM Day, the 100th and 101st days of school and the Valentines Day dance. We are looking forward to nice weather and all of the end of year activities to come!

Miss Kim, Mr. Keith, Miss Erin, Miss Lindsay and Miss Sarah

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B-1 - Angela Koletis

Winter in B-1

Students in B-1 have enjoyed learning about different winter themes, such as hibernation, arctic animals, and winter holidays. Some of our favorite winter memories include the Holiday Express visit & Polar Express Day! Our class has also been on some fun field trips, including bowling with our neighbor class, B-4, as well as a visit to the Manchester Library, where the librarians read us fun February themed stories! We had a blast dancing with our friends at the RDS Valentine’s Day Dance. We look forward to Read Across America, and more field trips with our peers!

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B-2 - Dominick Landriscina

B2 News

Starring: Taylor, Myrtle, Angelo, Abby, Victoria, Brandon, Nicole, Christian, & the staff in B2

Happy New Year, and what a busy New Year we have been having here in B2. We first want to wish Ms. Jeanal a happy retirement after serving RDS for over 20 amazing years! We also welcomed into our classroom Ms. Emily and we are all very excited for her to be with us!

In B2, we are experiencing new things and having fun while doing so. We took a trip to the Jenkinson’s Aquarium to start the New Year and everyone had a blast watching the sea animals and learning about their habitats from the experts at the aquarium!

We also have been expanding our knowledge of STEM with fun activities! Recently, we learned about icicles and crystals. We even made our own crystal experiment to see what makes the best crystals (baking soda and hot water was better than salt water). We also have been introduced to Snap Circuits and we LOVE them! Come see us for STEM Day as we show you all the cool things we can do with Snap Circuits!

B2 loves our crafts and our social groups and we really have been doing a lot in that realm. Our students are playing a variety of games such as Uno, Chutes and Ladders, and Name 5… It has been so cool to play with our friends.

Looking forward to STEM Day on March 21st as we see all the cool STEM Activities we have been working on all year! We can not wait to see how the rest of the year shakes out. This has been the best year yet!

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B-3 - Anna Iwaszkowska

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and we wish everyone a Happy New Year! We created festive fireworks and listed our New Year’s resolutions. In the months of January and February our lessons and activities focused on the winter theme: snow and snowflakes. We learned how snowflakes develop and we created them to decorate the hallway bulletin board. It was a lot of fun exploring snow outside!

We celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by learning about his impact on social reform. We demonstrated our understanding of these events by making posters and displaying them in the classroom. Recently, our students had the opportunity to visit the Ocean County Library in Manchester. During the course of their visit, they were able to enjoy story time, open library cards, and borrow some books. Based on the groundhog’s prediction (six more weeks of winter), we must continue to dress appropriately to the weather as we wait for spring’s warm arrival.

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B-4 - Ellie Hyland

In B4, our class has almost tripled in size! We couldn’t be more excited to have so many students and staff join our class!

We have been very busy with going out into the community to places like the mall, bowling, and ShopRite.This allows us to work on ADL skills, go out into the community, and build on our social skills.

We have also been having a lot of fun with STEM. We have been doing different experiments and we have been working with a 3D pen by drawing lines, our names, and pictures.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

Miss Ellie

C-1 - Allison McCann

Our classroom has been having a wonderful time learning about snowmen and also how to be kind to others. We loved reading the book, Sneezy the Snowman, pointing out pictures in the story and also making predictions about how he melted. After reading the story, we made 'pretend snow' and used droppers to dissolve the snowman. We learned that when you add vinegar, the snowman will dissolve and bubble away.

During our ADL cooking lesson, we made delicious rice krispie treats and formed them into balls to make snowmen. We decorated them with chocolate chip eyes, a candy scarf and a hat too. During the week of kindness, we made beaded necklaces for our friends and a classroom book with pictures of how we show kindness to others. We surprised Miss Kim and Miss Ellie's classes with cards, artwork cookies and pretzels for their students. All of the students were so happy to give and receive a little kindness.

Regional Day School is filled with so much love and a little kindness goes a long way. We look forward to learning, growing and making many more memories together this year.

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C-2 - Dawn Lambusta

The Groundhog may lie,

The weather’s been great-

But hold on, I will tell you,

Keep you all up to date!

We have a new classmate,

Lian is the boy’s name.

He loves puzzles and dinosaurs

And all sorts of games.

The rest of the classmates,

Jacob Tyking and Em -

Are teaching the rules,

Leo’s sharing with them!

The holidays keep coming,

In C-2 this year,

Our own Chinese dragon,

Marched the halls without fear!

Our superbowl party,

Was second to none -

We all chose a team,

It didn’t matter who won!

There were somber moments,

We remembered the lost -

And paid our respects,

To victims of Holocaust.

Mardi Gras bounced us back,

To fun and good times -

The beads helped us sequence,

Making patterns and rhymes.

We honored our Presidents,

Our past Founding Fathers,

As we followed up King,

Respect is never a bother.

This all may sound like-

We just party and play,

But there is lots of fun,

When you learn in this way.

And when you have fun,

And love what you do,

The skills they get stronger,

And changes are seen by you!

We hope that our students,

As they learn and they grow-

Bring joy unto others,

With all that they know.

Because kindness, respect,

Sharing, being a friend -

Are values most important-

From beginning to end.

So thank you Dear Parents,

And Grown-ups of our team -

We’re all puzzle pieces,

In MLK’s Dream.

Looking forward to fun in the Spring Sun!

C-2 Staff and Students

C-3 - Michelle DeSantis

C-3 is having a great winter. Some of us are patiently waiting for snow while others are looking forward to spring. We have enjoyed learning about winter, animals in the polar regions, and Chinese New Year. We are enjoying new STEM materials in our classroom. We were so excited for our Valentine’s Dance and had a blast dancing with our friends.

Ms. Michelle

C-4 - Maria Brucato-Wilson

Preschool has been very busy these past few months with lots of fun, engaging, and multisensory activities. Our lessons, stories, and centers have revolved around friendship, snow, Chinese New Year’s, dental hygiene, African American history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Valentine’s Day.

Our preschoolers had the best time dancing and singing when Holiday Express visited! They had so much fun at our C-Pod winter festival, our Valentine’s Day celebration, and on our two awesome field trips to the Peek-A-Boo Playground. Such awesome memories!

We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has in store for us.

Ms. Maria, Ms. Haley, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Jess, & Ms. Melissa

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