News from 2S

September 2015

In The Classroom...


This year I am piloting a new Math Program called Math in Focus. The district is looking for a program that will meet the needs of the students and be up to date with the standards. I am so excited about this program because it focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the concepts while encouraging problem solving. Please read the family letters that come home. They will include vocabulary, explain what we are working on in school, and give you skills to practice at home. I will be receiving training throughout the year and will also be looking for your feedback. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Language Arts

Over the past two weeks the students have been introduced to the routines and procedures that they will use all year. Each day, the students will engage in whole group reading and writing lessons, small group instruction, and independent work. Each week you will receive a Family Letter from the Journeys program. The main comprehension skill and strategy will be explained, along with the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar focus that is introduced.

This week we will be fine tuning how our Reading and Writing Workshops will work. Our Daily Five centers will be practiced and the students will work within the expectations set as they were introduced. The goal of our year is to build and strengthen our reading and writing stamina. This week we will create "Reading Bookmarks". These are flip bookmarks that will help the students think about and write about their thinking while reading.

This week in writing, the students will continue to write stories based on personal memories. They will learn different writer's craft to help liven their stories. We have been discussing the order or sequence of events. They will be encouraged to add transitional words to signify progression through the story. The students are so excited to use highlighters, special pens, and post-its to help revise.

Character Counts and Social Studies

Each month we will concentrate and learn about one of the Pillars of Good Character. During September, Jennings School will focus on Responsibility. This week, we will read Saturdays and Teacakes. The students will be asked to identify and describe responsible choices made by the main character. Our class discussion will focus on how responsible choices and actions happen; Do they just happen? or Do people think about them and then make them?

This week's Social Studies lessons will continue with the theme of Community. We will discuss town, suburb, city, state, and country along with the idea that you can be a member of more than one community. We will also look at how communities change over time.

Second Grade Happenings

This and That

Back To School Night- September 30th- hope to see you there

Camp Creek Run Fall Field Trip- Friday, October 23rd. Thanks to the generosity of the PTA, the trip will only cost $8 per student. Chaperones will be free. Permission slip to come home Friday.

You may have noticed a few new faces to Second Grade. I'd like to welcome Jake Boberg, Jeremiah Roach, and Leah Zipkin to our class as new students to the district and Mrs. Bergeron is joining us as well. Many of you will recognize her as a substitute from Kindergarten. Mrs. Bergeron is very familiar with Second Grade. She has been the regular substitute for Edison School Second Grade.

We are looking for unwanted cushions or bean bag chairs for our reading nook. If you'd like to donate, please let me know.

Thank you so much for the DeCinque Family for their lovely plant donation. Thanks for helping to "green and clean" our classroom.