Newsletter - March

Masterton Intermediate School - March 31

Ngā kōrero o te Tumuaki

Tēnā koutou katoa ki runga i te kaupapa o te marama o Poutū te rangi.

He tino uaua tēnei marama e pā ana ki ngā ākonga me ngā kaiako e māuiui ana. Ka nui aku mihi ki a koutou katoa.


Following valuable survey feedback from our students, parents and staff in 2021 we have developed our MIS charter as a guiding document for our kura takawaenga over the next 3 years. This includes the following:

VISION: A thriving, diverse and modern community of lifelong learners

WHAKATAUKI: “E mātahi ana, e mataara!” Work together and be on to it!


Active brain


Managing self





  • Administer systems of school communication that are clear, consistent and efficient.

  • Develop strong relationships & networks to be an inclusive kura, embracing and celebrating our diversity.

  • Maintain and enhance a school environment that we all feel proud of.

  • Initiate programmes that support social and emotional well-being for all, particularly

kindness and happiness.

  • Respond strongly to the needs of our ākonga in te reo & tikanga Māori.

  • Ensure that we provide a wide range of quality learning opportunities that inspire

our students to be the best that they can be.

We look forward to working with our ākonga, whānau, kaimahi and school community to fulfil as many of our goals and complete as many planned projects as possible from 2022 to 2024.


On Monday, March 21, I was teaching in Room 8. I asked students to write down which MIS activity they have enjoyed most in these first seven weeks of 2022 and why? These are some of their responses:

  • Choir because I feel like I can let my voice fly. I don’t have to be worried about anyone else as I already know that I’m in sync with them, creating a lovely melody. It makes me feel less constricted. (Ashlee Pointon)

  • Te reo Māori extension because I love to learn Māori so, so much. I think that Māori is such a great language that everyone should learn. It runs in my blood and from my ancestors.(Shilo Heberley)

  • The Survivor option because I have learnt many things like how to make shelters and fires from scratch with tins called hobo stoves. (Manaia Hanson)

  • Fun sports day because we got to be active and have fun all day rotating around the school with different teachers trying different sports games. (Jazmyn Kindelan)

  • Digital Technology because working on computers is alot fun and you get to learn new things such as how to make scratch codes and lots more. At the end of the session you get to play each week's game. (Riley Oakly)

  • Non-stop cricket because I really enjoy getting to play other classes and getting involved and being the best that I can be through sports. (Makayla O’Hara)

  • The Wheels option because the teacher is really nice and lovely towards us by taking us to the skatepark which is quite a big favour. Also when you forget your skateboard or scoot someone will always share! (Nirvana Gronback)

  • Minecraft club because we do lots of cool games that Mrs Hamilton finds for us. I enjoy planning some of them with my friends. (Alex Timperley)

  • The Self defence for girls options because everyone cares about each other and includes us in what we do. (Madison Lategan)

  • Poly group because it is fun, enjoyable and I have a great time. It is a great way to spend a block. (Isabelle Olds)

  • Art extension because I have an amazing art teacher and we do very fun activities. (Sophie-Lee O’Brien)

  • The sports alive options because I like how you get to meet people from different syndicates and make new friends. I love sports alive because I like to play sporty games. (Rome Afegogo)

  • Cooking extensions because it helps me when I cook at home, also it's fun just to have some time to do some cooking. (Cruiz Evans)

  • Boys boxing because it is good self defence and it helps you get fit and it is a good technique. (Carlos Field)

  • Computer club because I love working with digital technology and playing games on computers. (Lachlan McPhee)

  • Kapa Haka because I like learning Māori songs and moves that involve my culture. (Tiaki Graham)

Nei āku mihi maioha ki a tātou katoa

Russell Thompson (tumuaki)

FUNS SPORTS DAY - Friday, March 18

On Friday, March 18 we held a fun sports day as a syndicate competition involving 24 teams (six in each syndicate) and 12 activities. These were touch, bike track, fun relays, crazy relays, adventure playground, tug-o-war, golden runner (basketball shooting), long ball, volleyball, knock out (a tag game), table tennis and a hip hop battle. Teams received 0, 1 or 2 points for a loss, draw or win and 0, 1 or 2 points for the ADMIRE values that they displayed at each of the 12 activities. This was one of the most enjoyable school days that I can recall, with much enthusiasm from the staff in charge of each activity and very keen efforts from the 257 students who attended.

Final points were:

1st place Waipoua 218 points

2nd place Waiohine 195 points

3rd place Waiawangawanga 193 points

4th place Kaituna 167 points

The maximum total score that each team could receive for the twelve activities was 48. Waipoua team Toru managed the highest score of 42. Their team members were:

Luke Jonas, Theo Polley, Phoebe Fleming, Lily Greenfield, Libby Hay, Ben Bradley, Jazz Wilkin, Quinn Omundsen, Shaniyah Toki.

An act of kindness

My 7 year old grandson was at Masterton skatepark today and was befriended by a lovely boy called Finn. He was very tall and well built, dark blonde hair and in uniform.
He stood up to another boy who was being a bit of a bully and told him to give my grandson a turn and for the next hour and a half scooted with him, each teaching each other tricks. I’d love it if he could be recognised for his kindness and the way he responded to a much younger boy and was just so nice.
I’m sorry I don’t have a surname.
Kind regards
Jane Duncan
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Design Tech Extention, Term 1 2022

I enjoy designing, creating, and learning new things a lot. That is why Design Tech is an excellent opportunity for creative people like me! I like how I can manage what I create, as well as I can push myself to try new things that aren't offered in usual classes.

In Design Tech for this current term, I have decided that I want to make a model of a dragon that can stand by itself. This will pose quite a challenge and push my resilience because I have a box full of pieces and no instructions to put it together.

The first step to making this dragon was to find a suitable dfx file online that I liked and edit the file to suit the laser printer's format, so I had the pieces to the dragon. Once that was done I had to make sure all the gaps for the pieces were exactly three millimeters to be the right size for the wood we were using as well as making it be an average size dragon. I say that was the hardest part so far with me being still a learner with the website format. There is always room to improve and I have definitely gotten better each time I use it.

Then I moved the project around so it could fit on the laser bed and not waste material space. Then I wait about twenty minutes while it printed slowly. During this time I had to watch the pieces with laser glasses to make sure the pieces didn't get caught on the laser when it goes back to the starting position.

If they did, the pieces would break and the printing would have to start again. Not only wasting materials and time.

Now I have the pieces ready for assembling when I go to my next session. But not every session is working on our projects, Some sessions we may help create things around the school such as tennis bats for the new school tennis tables.

I enjoy DT Extension very much and think that anyone that likes challenges and woodcrafts and has enough resilience to keep going should give this extension a go in Term 3.

-Aleah Mitchell

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DT is a techni that Mr Rick runs each year and this term, it's the Year 8's turn. It is a place where children can build and work together as peers but also as a pair, because he says you can only work in twos because two brains work better than 3. DT is a place where you can build anything that is free on dxf files that is not a gun or a knife. There are lots of cool things in there like there is a drinking fountain just outside the room. There are also safety glasses if you need to use the drills there and the safety rules are don’t play with the vice and don't go in his space where all the danger is. Not long ago we had made some new concrete ping pong tables at our school. So we got to make some wooden bats with Mr Rick to use on the tables. We laser cut all of the parts out on the cool machine and then glued them all together. We had to clamp it so it would glue faster and not move. After the glue had set we were allowed to test them out on the new ping pong tables and they were really really good.

By Zeb and Theo

Science Techni

This term for my techni class I am learning about science in Whāea Rika's lab. We have been learning chemistry. Whāea Rika sets up fun experiments for us to do but we still learn a lot as we do them.We are learning about acids and bases, we use litmus paper to dip in a liquid and see if it's an acid or base. There is also an axolotl! His name is Gilbert, we like to watch him swim around. I am also a part of the science extension group studying marine biology on a day 3 after lunch.

Christian Churchwood - Room 18

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Masterton Intermediate School is a KiVa school. We follow the guidelines of KiVa to reduce and eliminate bullying in our school.

I hope that the information below will explain how this is achieved.

KiVa has had a significant impact on reducing incidents of bullying in schools

across Aotearoa, helping tamariki and rangatahi grow and develop to their potential!

Your child will be part of regular KiVa lessons throughout the year where the focus is on

bullying prevention. The aim is for students to gain the knowledge to identify bullying and the confidence to know what to do if they experience or witness bullying.

KiVa lessons include discussion, group work, short videos and role play. Many lessons concentrate on the role a group (bystanders) can have in helping to stop bullying. The students think about and practice different ways to stand up to bullying.

The KiVa teacher and classroom teachers respond to bullying cases together.

At Masterton Intermediate we have a KiVa teacher, who with the class teacher manages reported bullying cases.

This involves using a research-based approach to have short discussions with the students involved, supporting children who have been bullied and giving children who displayed bullying behaviour, an opportunity to change.

If you suspect your child is being bullied or displaying bullying behaviour, please contact the your childs’ teacher or myself Judy Dreadon or 0212924748 so that the matter can be responded to as soon as possible.

Please get in touch with me Judy Dreadon if you would like to find out more about KiVa.

The following link will also give more in-depth guidelines for whanau to understand

We’re proud to be a school that makes decisive steps to eliminate bullying, in a positive and caring manner.

Judy Dreadon.

ka haere i runga i te rangimarie

Minecraft Club

Minecraft club is a fun place to hang out from 3:00 till 4:00 after school on Thursdays. At minecraft club we do things like build challenges and collaborate with our pairs to make fantastic builds. I personally love it because it is fun and really creative. One of the best things about minecraft club is being with my friends and other kids. Minecraft club is the best and I recommend it to anyone.

By Ruby Edwards, Room 7.

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Chloe enjoying being in Digital Technology.

MIS Tennis

COVID has hit our MIS tennis teams pretty hard. Some teams have had to cancel a lot of their games and have not had much playing time. Although in the times that we have played there has been great sportsmanship and kids have been improving extremely fast! Some of us were fortunate to play against Hadlow (who were very strong!). We didn’t win any games but I heard our players gave it 100%!

We hope that we will be able to play our next game with a full team and thank all the coaches for putting in their time and effort to teach us how to play a fun game.

By Jed Karam - Room 7

Womens' World Cup Cricket

It was Thursday the 24th of March and my veins had excitement running through them because the next day we were going to go to a Women's Cricket World Cup game, South Africa vs the West Indies and it was going to be so fun, provided that it didn’t rain. I slept through the night and then at 5:00 am my alarm went off waking me up, reminding me of the game we were going to later that day. I had a shower and put my PE gear on and within twenty minutes I was ready to go. I got in my car and my dad dropped me off at MIS as I waited until we got on the bus and headed for Wellington.

When we got to Wellington or more specifically, The Basin Reserve, we were taken around to a small area behind the stadium to get all of the gear that we needed to perform the national anthems with the teams on the field. After we did that we were taken inside the actual stadium to rehearse what we needed to do for the national anthems with the teams. After we had finished doing the rehearsal we went up into the pavilion to wait for the match to start.

Whilst we were waiting it started raining which caused the toss and the game to be delayed to a later time. During the time when we waited for the toss to be announced we started a game of cricket in the small area next to the pavilion. After a while it had stopped raining and the game was set to start at 1:00pm but then the rain came down again and delayed the game for another two hours.

Whilst we were waiting for the game to start we went into the Museum that was there and it was so cool. In the museum there was heaps of stuff about the history of New Zealand Cricket but the best part about it was the fact that it had a VR (Virtual Reality) cricket game there. It was really fun to go on it but it was really difficult to even hit the ball. So it was also really hard to score any runs but it was still very fun.

After we had finished in the museum it was finally time to get ready to go out on the field and perform the national anthems with the teams. After that we were given a cool t-shirt by the ICC Committee. We then went back to the pavilion to watch the game but not before we all went and bought some food. After about 30 minutes of watching the game, it got rained out again and it showed no signs of going away so we decided to go back to Masterton. Everyone had such an amazing day and we feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to attend this wonderful sporting event. Thanks to Wairarapa Cricket for the experience and to Mr Mann, Nathan and Mrs Stevens for taking us.

By Casey Judd - Room 7

MIS ADMIRE student of the Month for March 2022

Mahi Pai winners

We are always grateful to our local businesses who continue to support our students by sponsoring prizes to acknowledge their positive behaviour. If you know of a business that would like to donate a prize, please contact our school office on 06 3700088.

Learning conferences - First session

Tuesday, May 3rd, 3:30-8:30pm

38 Intermediate Street

Masterton, Wellington

The booking code for these three way learning conferences is: For bookings, go to and enter the code: txspf

Learning conferences - Second session

Monday, May 9th, 3:30-5:30pm

38 Intermediate Street

Masterton, Wellington

The booking code for these three way learning conferences is: For bookings, go to and enter the code: txspf

Learning conferences - Third session

Wednesday, May 11th, 3:30-8:30pm

38 Intermediate Street

Masterton, Wellington

The booking code for these three way learning conferences is: For bookings, go to and enter the code: txspf
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