Student Suspended for Patriotism?

Article by Jessica Nguyen & Aj Stewart

9th Grade Student Gets Suspended for Singing the National Anthem

Phillip Malloy, who is currently a student at Harrison High School, has been subjected to a two day suspension due to singing the National Anthem.

Patriotism, is that a rule?

After simply singing our nations song during a morning announcement, Phillip was kicked out of class and sent to the principals office which eventually was what led to his suspension. Many believe that the suspension was not needed, and that the boy was just acting of patriotic support, but the assistant principle, Dr. Palleni, certainly does not. School officials of Harrison High School denied the existence of any rule claiming a student cannot sing the National Anthem, which currently has Malloy and his parents questioning why the suspension was thought an appropriate punishment, or why there was even any punishment at all. As quoted, teachers and principals did not wish to speak any further detail about the situation.

Who are we?

Jessica Nguyen and Aj Stewart are both 14 year old students attending currently their 8th grade year at Mooresville Middle School.
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