The Game Is Tied

By Gabbi Prendergast

"The World has not caught up with the fact that sports is a part of the everyday lives of girls. It gives girls many different things to feel good about. It gets them to use their body in an affirmative way. It's an avenue for you to feel good about yourself because you can do it well- the competence motivation. So many girls say 'I love it because I feel good about it.' Now they're discovering they also get the attention of the coaches and several other adults, including their parents," say Sumru Erkut, an associate director of the center for Research of Women at Wellesley College. Allowing girls to be on boys' sports teams doesn't not present any physiological issues and will allow the genders to interact with each other.

During pre-puberty, girls and boys do not differ significantly in physiological parameters such as height, weight, fat-free mass, girth, bone-width, and skin-fold thickness. (Women's Sports Foundation) The Women's Sports Foundation states, “prior to puberty, there are no gender-based physiological reasons to separate males and females in sports competition.” This allows boys and girls to play together, since they are shown to be very similar in their growth rates. It's also easier and more fair to play like this because the genders are close to the same height, weight, etc. and one gender wouldn't overpower the other, but be equal. Girls who would like to be in boys’ teams should be on it if they have the size, strength, and skill like the boys they're competing with and can do it safely (Women's Sports Foundation). This is reasonable because if the girls have the desire, they could get the same strength the boys have and the girls would be able to be just as good as boys.
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To girls today - why do you feel that you have to compete athletically with boys? To the boys - why do you feel more comfortable relating to girls as equals and friends? What has changed in this culture that leveled the playing field? Some researchers believe that this is the trickle - down effect of Title IX, the act that was carried on the back of the feminist movement which changed the lives of girls more than any other law, since the one that gave women voting rights. (“Giving Girls A Sporting Chance”) “Just as female participation in sports expanded when Title IX open the doors of opportunity for competition by creating teams for girls, opening the door for boys teams will also help expand opportunities for girls to compete.” (USA Hockey) Title IX helped girls of all ages to become anything they wanted to be and to be treated equally. Title IX let the genders interact with each other by literally putting them on the same playing field. (The Boston Globe) There's also a lesson learned through the athletics. It gave girls a more stronger, confident and disciplined outlook on their futures - an advantage that boys always had. With these girls gaining ground on the boys playing turf, both girls and boys share a common experience and a new way to interact. (The Boston Globe) Without division between the genders, they can interact fairly based on only their talent and knowledge on the game.

One day at recess, about 20 boys and girls decided to play kickball on the land by their school’s side entrance. One of the girls kicked the ball, sending it flying through the air, while several of her teammates - girls and boys - yelled and screamed in excitement of the moment. Even though nobody kept score, they were all keen on the play and the game. (“Giving Girls A Sporting Chance”) “I think that the boys have gotten good about our playing with them, because we can beat them at stuff and they can beat us at stuff - it goes both ways.” says Taylor Nelson. It is a common sight nowadays to see boys and girls hanging out with one another, which makes it an easy and fair game when they play and socialize together. Dan Cullen, a friend of Taylor’s also states, “They know what happens to us and why we get so competitive, and we know how we can get competitive, too. I kind of think that's broken down the walls, so to speak, between the boys and girls.” This is saying that the boys and girls have gotten comfortable around each other by hanging out more frequently than they used to before our time. Playing together, competing against one another, and even being friends with one another are normal for most of them, regardless of gender. (“Giving Girls A Sporting Chance”)

Others even argue that girls should not be allowed to and compete on boys' sports teams. However, girls don't get injured as much as boys do, and boys even quickly forget that they are competing with or against a girl. The genders get along with one another at work to respect each other.

Girls being on boys' sports teams will not have any physiological issues and allows the genders to be friends with one another. If girls would like to play a sport, they can do so. Girls and boys being on the same teams will let the genders be friends while they play a friendly competition together. With everyone's help, we can make this happen! We need to be more open-minded and accept girls and boys being on the same teams. If girls would like to play a sport, they can do so. However, if the sport they want to play isn't a girls teams, the next best thing is the boys' teams. People need to realize that girls are taking over the athletic turf with the boys to do what they love.