Bruno Banani from Tonga

Sochi olympics- by: Gabe Litteer

A little bit about Bruno Banani

Bruno Banani is a olympic athlete who is competing in the luge. Bruno is from Tonga and changed his name which was originally Fuahea Semi, But he changed it in hopes of getting sponsorship from a german underwear company also called Bruno Banani. Bruno lives in Nuku ' alofa, Tonga and he is 26 years old. Everybody made him a nickname which is "The Flying Coconut". He trains at Teufaiua Gym in Tonga. Bruno Banani has not won any titles yet because this Tonga's first year in being in the olympics.

Information on the luge

First, what is the luge. The luge is a sport where you lay flat on your back on a sled with two runners and try and go as fast as you can to the finish line. The luge involves a lot of equipment such as gloves, helmet, kufen, pod, racing suit, shoes, and a steel runner, also known as steels. All these things are necessary to attend in the olympic sport, the luge. The athletes that won the gold, silver, and bronze metals in the vancouver olympics were Felix Loch with gold, David Moeller with silver, and Armin Zoeggeler with bronze.

What do i think about the luge and what are common injuries

I think the olympic sport, the Luge qualifies to be a olympic sport because it is a very hard and dangerous sport that not very many people are good at or can event understand. The fact that you cant see where your going would make this sport very hard and also the part where you have to turn somehow with your body would also be difficult. It is a sport I am sure I would not want to try. Some common injuries in The luge are ankle and foot injuries, Arthritis, Bursitus, Buttock injuries, Calf and shin injuries, Contusions and bruises, Disolcations, elbow and arm injuries, fractures, neck pain, and so many more. This sport is not easy or safe so dont think it is.
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