Spanish Class Happenings

Welcome back from Fall Break!

Spanish 1 - Traditional and Block Classes

This week Spanish 1 Traditional students will be learning more about how to discuss where people are from and the countries where Spanish is spoken!

Monday: Countries and Capitals

Tuesday: Spanish Identifications

Wednesday: Practice and Study Guide

Thursday: Interview Practice

Friday: Assessment

Spanish 1 Block is further ahead and will work on the following:

Monday: Vocabulary and Quiz/Test Prep

Tuesday: Exam and Vocabulary (to wrap up our Classroom Needs Unit)

Wednesday: Gustar and Time review

Thursday: Practice – It is ___ o’clock. At ___ o’clock I like to ____

Friday: Quiz/Exam, New vocabulary

This will be a quick unit and includes lots of concepts we have already learned. Time to extend and refine everyone!

01062 Spanish Lesson - Present Tense - Gustar (all forms) + activities

Spanish 2

Spanish 2 Students will have one more week to master the "reflexive" tense and vocabulary that goes with it! Those who wanted, got a head start on their Daily Routine Projects! These must be memorized (another reason it is important to have been studying the vocabulary for the past 2 weeks).

Monday: Reflexive quiz and homework review

Tuesday: Presentations due, continued practice on reflexives

Wednesday: Presentations and Reflexive Practice activity

Thursday: Vocabulary Quiz

Friday: Daily Routine Exam, Intro new vocabulary

Tutoring for All!

Tutoring is held on Wednesdays after school until 4:15! Students should come prepared - knowing what they want to work on. Bring classwork, study guides, past quizzes, etc to use as a guide.