LV Technology


We made a trailer what we do in are lives in a app called iMovie. And we got to share in class what we do with are lives. And see anyone else is interested

Explain Everything

We wrote and recorded a video on an app called Explain everything. We recorded a math problem that we drawed

Haiku Deck

We wrote a and shared a presentation on an app called Haiku Deck. We did it about are dream job. My dream job was making Video Games.


We learned how to code on a website called and how we could make Video Games and make a Website Game.

Career Locker

We went on a site called Career Locker and see what are Interests are in LIFE

Learn To Type

We learned how to type better on a site Called Learn To Type and there are lessons about what you need to learn about typing and there are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced then there is Practice when your done with all of them