Superintendents' Newsletter

January 2015

January is here and almost gone!

When was break? Seems like ages ago with all of the changes out of Lansing...

You can't keep up with everything! Make sure that you and your administrators are sharing in the job of keeping up with the information.

One step at a time...

Leadership in Action

  1. What were your big take aways?
  2. What are you going to use? Talk about it!
  3. What can you (your principals) teach your teachers to use with parents and students?

Back by Popular Request...

5 Great Mid-Year Check-Up Questions to Ask Your Principals!

If you haven' is probably time to sit down with your principals and talk about how they are coming along on the following requirements as well as asking them some key questions. Good time for a mid-year check-up.

1. What is their focus this year for their building/students/teachers? (Does it match your focus for them or their building? Does match your district initiatives?)

2. What is working well? (What practices, strategies, procedures do they have in place that is improving the climate and the learning in the building?)

3. What is not working well? (What is challenging them? How are they going about solving the problem(s)? Are they connecting them to their school improvement goals? Are they working with staff to identify strategies?)

4. How are they collecting student data? (What processes have they put into place for staff to review data, implement interventions, monitor and assess progress?)

5. How are they planning to show evidence for their own evaluation? (How will they demonstrate evidence of student growth? Progress towards school improvement goals? Attendance? Student, parent and staff feedback?) Don't forget about having them use their iPad to document evidence!!

Don't like the questions? Great! Use what you like--throw away the rest. The questions are like a box of chocolates....

Some Discussion Ideas:

  • Give them the questions ahead of time and have them come prepared to talk about each
  • Talk about the questions and have them discuss with all of the principals in your district (share)
  • Have them discuss with other principals then meet with them individually

Education and Assessment News & Updates

M-STEP/SAT Information to Share...


Click here to see sample test items.

Additional information on M-Step

Spring of 2015 Testing Schedule

Update from Office of Assessment & Accountability

Professional Development

Job-Embedded Resources

The Teaching Channel provides a number of relevant topics with video and facilitation resources to use for leadership and staff meetings. Check out 40 Resources and Tools for Deeper Learning.

Considering lab classrooms to enhance your PLCs? Contact Lisa Madden for more information.

Winter PD E-Catalog

Here's the link to our latest PD offerings through March!
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