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The Delhi Sultanate

The First Women Ruler Of the Delhi Sultante

Raziya Sultana was the first and the last women ruler of the Delhi sultanate.Being a woman,she had to face many difficulties and rebellions from the nobles.But she fought courageously and led the army in wars.She successfully established law and order in her kingdom.She ruled just four years.The conspirators plotted against her and she was killed in the battle.

The Experiments of Muhammad bin Tughluq

Muhammad-bin-Tughluq has devised three famous experiments namely,increase of taxes in Doab,transfer of capital from Delhi to Devagiri and introduction of Token currency but all of these experiments ended up in a failure.During the transfer of capital he ordered all his people to move even blind men was said to move. During this journey, all of the people had to face many difficulties.He realized that his move was foolish and he shifted his capital back to Delhi.This transfer of capital from Delhi to Daulatabad caused great hardships to the people.

By Mohammed Sahal 7-p

The Editor