ESL Notes from Mike Bowden

Weeks of April 4th to April 22nd

What Background Music Are You Using?

For different flavor, and change of routine, your students might enjoy Instrumental Chill or Modern Desi Music Scene from Pandora.

Rounding the Metaphorical Base to Close the Year

Excellent Use of the Bridge Map

Analogies are a skill that your English Language Learner will be measured to exit ESL (reclassifying).

The Bridge Map is exactly what students need. This Thinking Map helps them understand the higher order relationships of the items compared.

Aaargh! Analogies!?!? Yuck!

Analogies - are they like doing combinatorial number placement puzzles?

You know, Sudoku. Love 'em or hate 'em, it's all all about the pattern.

And yes, that goes for analogies too!

ALL Your Students Will Benefit

Solving analogies taxes the brain in many ways. Students have to know the meaning

of the word. Next they will determine the relationship of the word pair on the left.

Once they have determined a possible relationship, the student will transfer that hypothesis to the single word on the right. The solution will have to follow the pattern of the beginning pair of words.


It is like a casserole of reading, logical reasoning and spatial relationships.

Analogies Make My Head Hurt

Your Thinking Maps binder has several pages to demystify Bridge Maps.

During reclassification testing, students listen to verbal examples and identify the missing element. That IS a challenge!

Examples, Please

The pattern is as follows:

Cat is to Lion as Dog is to (Wolf).

Lettuce is to Salad as Yogurt is to (Smoothie).

Pencil is to Paper as Finger is to (Tablet).

Puppy is to Dog as Sapling is to (Tree).

WHEN will I do this?

Adding a Bridge Map warm up to the beginning of the day, or the return from

specials and recess is a quick and fun challenge for the last few weeks of school.

After a week you will notice your students becoming more skilled. When they begin

writing their own stems, the enthusiasm for analogies will be sealed!

Let Me See It

I am happy to demonstrate the map and the strategy to solve them with your class.

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