The Nuremberg trials

By: Kobe Hobbs

Martin Bormann

When he started of he was not as powerful in the nazi religion/ party. Later on in the war he gained power in a high position and he had influence of hitler. On May 29th he acted a crime in 1941 he took over the offices from Hess. He was a big part of the killing of the Jewish religion and he was in the discussion of the killing of 60,000 Jewish people. He was in the bunker that hitler and his wife were in when they died. Martin and other German troops fled before it blew up or whatever happened to the bunker. He presumed to shot or blown up after fleeing the bunker.

My opinion

If it were me in control of this mans consequences I would put him in prison for the rest of his life he would not be treated fairly. And before he went to prison he would do work for 5 years straight . Or I would give him the death penalty. He deserves everything that he did to the Jewish population.