Arnold Palmer

By Kendal Daniels

Life Brief

Arnold Palmer was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on September 10th, 1929. His mother, Doris, and his father, Deacon, raised Arnold to be a revenant, self driven and friendly individual. Palmer grew up with 2 sisters, Sandra and Lois, and a brother, Jerry. He started golfing at a very young age because he grew up on a golf course. His golfing career started when he was in his early years of high school, he attended Wake Forest college from 1947-1951 and dropped out his senior year. He married 2 women in his lifetime, Kathleen and Winnie. He had 2 daughters with Winnie, Amy and Peggy.

Background Symbolism

I chose the background to be a golf course because his entire life consisted of golf. Palmer has been playing golf since he was 4 years old. His entire childhood was practically on a golf course in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. "I remember walking down the third hole, with my toy six-guns strapped on my hips and a golf bag over my shoulder..." (Durbin 14).

Pick 3

1. Palmers is credited with bringing golf into the mainstream and making the sport popular for people outside of the country clubs. "The masters owes much of its popularity to Arnold Palmer. For it was Arnie's televised charges that mobilized armchair fans across the America and gave corporations a perfect audience for their ads" (Durbin 42).

2. He grew up during the Depression, so he learned to value things like hard work and honesty.

3. Arnold won the Masters in the years 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964.

I found these facts interesting because they show how determined and self driven he is. He had rough patches, like his best friend passing away from a car accident. But he came back and won several Masters and Opens.


Arnold Palmer had many impressive accomplishments. The one that really stood out to me is that in 1960 he won a total of 8 titles worth a record of $75,000. "it was clear from the beginning of the year that he had his sights set on the major championships" (Durbin 35). Not only is it imposing, but it also shows how determined he is as a golfer. He accomplished a "grand slam" which is winning all of all four majors in one year.


During Palmer's college years, he had a best friend by the name of Buddy Worsham. One night Buddy had asked Palmer to drive with him to a homecoming dance at Duke University, but Palmer declined. Just a few hours later, Buddy was killed in a car accident. Palmer was dumbfounded by the tragic incident and blamed himself for it. "Wake Forest was never the same for Arnold after that" (Durbin 20).


Palmer's mentor was his father, he taught him a lot about discipline, respect and humility. "It wasn't the kind of discipline that says what you can't do-don't do this, or don't do that. It was the kind that said what you had to do-always do everything as hard and as well as you can" (Durbin 14). Palmer's father gave him lessons in his back yard because as a nonmember of the club, he couldn't be on the course during hours.


Arnold won what they called "the battle of classes" because he beat a rich, well-known golfer. "Sports Illustrated celebrated 25-year old Arnold Palmer's victory as a 'battle of classes,' with a mill town boy beating a 'graying millionaire playboy who is a celebrity on two continents." (Durbin 22). He also won his first Masters in 1958. Palmer had back-to-back British Opens. He was also the first golfer to become a millionaire. He earned these awards because he was hard working and determined to be the best to his ability.

Hobbies and interests

Outside of golf, he likes to help people in need. "He puts his heart into everything he does. Whether he's making a final charge in the final round of a golf tournament or raising money to help critically ill children at his Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida, Arnie gives it his all" (Durbin 7). He also flew planes, he stopped golfing for a short a,punt of time and entered the military forces and flew planes. Other than that, his life practically revolved around golf and his family.


I think a golf club could be a symbol for Arnold Palmer because it represents underlying strength. You never think that a golf club could hit a ball as far, but when you swing the club, it hits it farther than expected. Arnold Palmer got hit with many challenges in life, but conquered them all and still became one of the best golfers known to man. "As a child of the Depression, he knew too well how debt can destroy a man, and he was anxious to start his new life free and clear" (Durbin 24).

Friend or Foe

I would like to think that Arnold Palmer and I would be friends, he's a very hard working, honest and friendly man. He is very family oriented, and he likes to help people. his selflessness stands out to me the most, he has a children's hospital in Orlando and donates to many organizations. He also owns a prostate center because he had prostate cancer, Palmer's generousity has touched many.

Most like

Arnold Palmer reminds me a lot of my father, my dad Is a very self driven man and so was Palmer. he's also very family oriented, and also only has daughters. even though my father doesn't have charities, he's a very thoughtful and generous man.

Altruist or Egotist

Palmer is most definitely an altruist. he's very giving and kind to other people, not only does he own a couple prostate centers but he owns a hospital for babies and women as well. he also has a nature reserve named after his wife called "the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve."


Arnold Palmer was born in September of 1929 which was only a month before the stock market crashed, so he learned to value simple virtues. He grew up on a Latrobe golf course all of his childhood. "Arnold Palmer grew up on a golf course, because his father was the superintendent and head pro of a course in Latrobe, Pennsylvania" (Durbin 13).He caddied for his father and he also shagged balls. That's where he learned all he knows about the course maintenance, like cutting the grass and raking bunkers.


Arnold Palmer earned more than 6 million dollars in competitive earnings and had 92 victories over all. His overall income was $13.6 million which put him right behind Shaquille O'Neal and Michael Jordan. The senior tour only made him $35,000, he made $13,565,000 from other sources.