Prenatal Development

Brochure By Akiya Clark

Stages Of Prenatal Development


  • 0 - 2 weeks
  • Cells are dividing
  • Egg is implanting into uterus
  • Amnion , Placenta and umbilical cord are forming
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  • 2- 9 weeks
  • Internal organs are forming
  • Vertebrate and spinal column
  • Limb buds are appearing
  • Eyes and ears are forming

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  • 9 weeks - Birth
  • Limbs , Hands , Feet, Fingers and Toes
  • Facial features form
  • Layer of ''peach fuzz''
  • Eyebrows and Eyelashes growing
  • Vernix covers body, growing rapidly during end of preg.

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You Must :

1) Get Regular Medical Exams

2) Eat Plenty of Protein

3) Eat Well and Get Plenty of Exercise
4) Do Kegel Exercises
5) Talk about pre-existing conditions and family history

You Must Avoid :

1) Avoid stress

2) Avoid tobacco smoke

3) Avoid Sauna, Jacuzzis, and Tanning Beds

4) Avoid Alcohol

5) Avoid Sauna, Jacuzzis, and Tanning Beds

Symptoms That You May Experience :

Missed Menstrual Period

Breast Swell

Enlarged Uterus

Frequent Urination


Morning Sickness

Breast May Change in Size

Increased Appetite