Taken By Force


President Benjamin Harrison, Pres. Grover Cleveland and Minister John L. Stevens all played a big role in the overthrow and annexation of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Historical Significance

Although Pres. Grover Cleveland helped slow down the annexation of Hawaii, there was too much opposition for one side to stand. Even when Grover Cleveland ordered the rebels to retreat, they opposed him still.

Is Hawai'i Legally And Lawfully A State Of The Union

Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the union. Unlike the other fortynine states of the union, Hawaii does not have a legal document that clearly states an agreement from both sides stating for annexation. Hawaii was taken by rebels representing the union which later was given to the union. To this day, Hawaii still has no legal document of annexation.

Supplemental Information

annexation mainly took place in all three of these places.