The Shack

By: Ansley Yantis - Choice #1

Main Characters

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The dad's name is Mackenzie but everyone called him Mack for short. The mom's name is Nan. The oldest daughter is named Kate, the only boy is named Josh and than youngest girl is named Missy (6).
The first man is God. In the story they call him Papa because thats what Nan like to call him. The man in the middle is Jesus. The women is named Sarayu.


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The major setting of the story is a camping ground. Over Labor Day Mack took Missy, Kate and Josh camping. Mack's wife was not able to go with them. There was a river close to the their camp site. The three picture on the bottom are all places that Mack went during his dream. The first one is a garden that Sarayu had make clean up and make look nice. The second one is a lake that Jesus took Mack too. The last one is where Papa took Mack too.


After Mack had jumped in the water to rescue John because he had fallen out of his canoe and got pinned under it he had noticed that Missy was missing. There was evidence found that a man drove out of the campsite with Missy in his car. Left at the crime scene was a lady bug with 5 dots on its back, and this let the police know that it was the Little Ladykiller. The 5 dots on the lady bugs back let them them know that is was the killers fifth abduction. The police later went to a shack where Missy's red dress she was wearing the day she had gone missing was found. There were holes and bloods stains on the dress but there was no Missy it be found. Mack than questioned why God had his little girl be kidnapped and killed. From that day forward Mack didn't really trust in what God was doing.

Rising Action A

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Mack had gone to get the mail on cold winter after morning. He had noticed there was one letter in mailbox with no postmark or a return address.

The letter said

" Mackenzie,

It's been a while. I've missed you.

I'll be at the shack next weekend if you want to get together.


Mack packed up his car and headed to the shack where the police had found his daughter's red dress. Mack collapsed on the floor and fell asleep next to Missy's bloodstains on the floor.

Rising Action B

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Mack and Sarayu went to clean up a garden. She told him the garden is like his soul and that they had been working together, uprooting with a purpose, in his heart. Mack than went on a walk with Jesus. Jesus had asked to walk across the water with him. Mack was scared to step out onto the water. Jesus told him that if his belief in God were to increases than his fear will decrease. Papa took Mack on a hike out into the woods. He showed Mack red marks that wear painted on several rocks. The rocks lead Papa and Mack to the cave that contained Missy's body. Papa had asked Mack to forgive the killer of what he had done. Papa reminded Mack that the killer was one of creations too, one he also loved. Mack got Missy's body and buried it in the garden that he helped Sarayu clean up.


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Papa told Mack if he wanted to stay with them he could and he could get to see Missy or go back home to his family and go back to his everyday life. Mack decided that he would go home and make a difference to his family and the world. Papa told Mack that is daughter Kate thought that the kid napping of Missy was her fault. Mack woke up and told his family what had happen. After that he had taken an officer that had helped him look for Missy up to the cave that Papa had taken him to and they were able to find Missy and the four other little girls that Little Ladykiller had killed the killer's dead body.