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no backpacks monday or tuesday

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no cell phones on monday or tuesday

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April 3-4: LAST Benchmarks

April 13: Hat Day

April 14: End of the 5th Six Weeks

April 14: Inclement Weather Day

April 17: Inclement Weather Day


This is to be done EACH week. I will run the reports at 8:00 on Friday mornings. Students who have not met the expectations will miss their Friday Specials Club rotation. They will go to the computer lab to complete the homework they did not complete for the week.

The school computer lab is opened EACH morning from 7:20 - 7:50. It is also open on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 2:50 - 4:00. Students will need to be picked up promptly at 4:00 at the front of the school or they will need a note stating they can be released to walk home at that time. Please communicate with me if your child will be staying after school to work in the computer lab.

****Please note that the sixth six weeks begins on Monday, February 20th. All students are required to obtain 20 points on Reading Counts per six weeks and receive 2 blue ribbons weekly on the Study Island Reading Program.

Homework expectations will be modified the week of STAAR testing!


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We are now beginning our Geometry and Measurement Unit. In this unit students will classify geometric shapes based off of traits, identify types of angles, measure angles with a protractor, and add angles.Vocabulary is a huge component to the Geometry and Measurement Unit. We do not often use Geometric or Measurement vocabulary during daily conversations. This makes knowing these terms very important for students to be able to apply them in math problems. The table below has a definition and a picture below the definition to represent the vocabulary word.

Students will begin by learning vocabulary and traits of two dimensional shapes. They will then learn types of angles and triangles. Students will learn how to measure angles with non standard units (such as the edge of a paper for 90 degrees) and then move to using protractors. Students measures and add angles. Students will apply all of these concepts to analyze problems, plan and justify their solutions.

Family Support

Helping your child learn vocabulary will be very beneficial. As they describe their work to you encourage them to use the correct geometric vocabulary. The following games and video will help with vocabulary and measurement.


Video Tutorial: (Using a protractor)

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Videos to help with vocabulary!

Types of Angles Song For Kids: Acute, Obtuse & Right
Types of Lines Song: Parallel, Perpendicular and Intersecting Lines
Capacity Song For Kids: Measurement Video For Elementary Students
Metric System Song For Kids ♫ Measurement Music Video


In our fifth Science unit, we will understand how patterns can be used as evidence to support an explanation. They will understand that living organisms depend on other living organisms and nonliving things for survival.

Students will investigate that most producers need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make their own food, while consumers are dependent on other organisms for food. They will describe the flow of energy through food webs, beginning with the Sun. Finally, the students will be expected to communicate valid, oral, and written results supported by data.

Family Support

You can help your child in several ways.

  • Explore a park or your backyard. Look for evidence of living organisms.

  • How are the needs of the organisms being met?

  • Make a web of the flow of energy in the environment you have explored.
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The focus of the fifth six weeks is to teach students to understand informational text in order to make sense of their world. Students will learn to analyze, summarize, and infer while reading nonfiction. In writing, the focus will be composing organized expository essays.

During our fifth six weeks we will revisit expository text. Students will read a variety of informational texts. They will analyze, ask questions, and summarize while reading nonfiction articles. They will make inferences and support their thinking with text evidence. In writing, students will plan and draft expository essays. They will develop ideas using facts, details, and examples. Student will continue to work on varied sentences, word choice, appropriate punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Family Support

You can help your child in several ways.

  • Share new learning from informational text and point out features of nonfiction.

  • Engage in discussion with your child about his/her reading of informational text.

  • Let children see you write often. You're both a model and a teacher.

  • Talk through their ideas with them; help them discover what they want to say.


We will be reviewing revising and editing using STAAR practice questions to prepare them for the Writing STAAR test. We will revisit personal narratives, and continue working on Expository. On the STAAR test, the students are only responsible for writing an Expository composition this year.


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During the 5th Six Weeks in Social Studies, fourth grade students will be learning about the important issues, events, and individuals of the 20th century. We will explore how the oil and gas industry contributed to the growth and development of Texas.

Your child will develop his or her understanding by learning about the accomplishments and discoveries made in Texas during the 20th century. We will explore the technology, travel, and communication advances from around the world in the 20th century and how they have impacted the growth and development of Texas. Students will be expected to use a timeline of events to explain the events or accomplishments of an individual that had a significant impact on life in Texas.

Family Support

Your support is always appreciated in your child’s learning. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Talk about how Texas has grown and changed over time

  • Discuss how climate, transportation, and natural resources affect the location of economic activities in Texas

  • Learn about the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and how the World War affected Texas

  • Research famous inventors and scientists such as Gail Borden, Joseph Glidden, Michael DeBakey, and Millie Hughes-Fulford

Questionnaire from Mrs. McKinney


Attendance: The following is a link to the form you will need to complete when your child is absent from school without a doctor’s note:

Students are welcome to enter the school at 7:20 and report to the computer lab to work on homework topics. The school bell rings at 7:35 and at this time students are allowed to enter the classroom. The students are marked tardy if they are not in the school by 7:50. In the event that is necessary for your child to miss school - be sure to send a note or use the Google Form the following day that they return. On a side note, there is an award for perfect attendance so let's try to get that! We haven't won this school year.

Class Dojo: Class Dojo is no longer available to use for communicating with me. If you are needing to reach me you may do so through email or by school phone.

Spirit Wear Fridays: Do you have school spirit? If so, show Mrs. McKinney by wearing your Cross Oaks shirt EVERY Friday :) We need to have 100% of all students in our homeroom class wearing their shirts.

Water Bottles: Please send a water bottle to school that can stay with your student Monday through Friday. Throughout the day the students need to stay hydrated, providing a water bottle allow easy access to water and reduces classroom distractions. The water bottles will go home weekly to be washed.

Snacks: Each day we have snack time. Please send a HEALTHY snack (dry cereal, pretzels, easy fruit, crackers, string cheese, granola bars etc.). This too helps the student to get re-energized and engaged in the learning process. NO ITEMS WITH PEANUTS :)

Tuesday folder: Every Tuesday the school (and I periodically) sends out important communications through the Tuesday folder. Please look over the information, sign the folder and send it with your student on Wednesday.

Homework: It is very important that the students are completing their homework throughout the week. The homework is a tool that helps me guide the instruction within the classroom. Please ask and check on Thursday evenings to ensure homework is completed. To assist students with completing the assignments, the computer lab will be open each morning from 7:20 - 7:50 and also after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 4:00. The after school time will be available until May. As I have mentioned before, encourage your student to take advantage of these opportunities. Support will be available during both times to assist students with any questions they may have.

Study Island: Study Island is a high-impact, high-value learning program that provide academic support through practice, immediate feedback, and built-in remediation to improve students’ performance in core skill areas. There is a goal that the students are trying to reach, and with your support they will be able to get there. Please encourage the students to spend their free-time on the weekends or throughout the week on the island studying! We need to collect BLUE ribbons!

*Each morning at 7:20 a.m. the students have the opportunity to work with our Math coach, Mrs. Webb in the computer lab until 7:45. If your child is able please have them take advantage of this opportunity.