Middle Age Castles!

Beautiful Castles of Medieval Times

How did they build the castles?

The castles in the middle ages were built by the Normans. The stone towers of castles were originally built in square shapes. Following the crusades, they were replaced by rounded towers for better lines of sight and better protection. The staircases were always turned clockwise.The busy kitchen in bigger castles had special rooms set aside for storing food and drinks.The buttery held large kegs of ale. and the person in charge was called a butler.

Famous Castles!

Some of the most important castles played a big role in The middle ages , and history. Some of the most important castles include : Tower of London, Warwick castle, Leeds castle, Windsor castle, Caernarvon castle, and Chateau castle.

Windsor Castle.

The Windsor castle is about 900 years old , and still occupied by Queen Elizabeth. Originally, it was built as a wooden motte and baily type built by William the 1. The castle is located in Berkshire , England. Being the largest caslte in the world, it has many sights to see. Located on the castle property, you will find estate cottages.These cottages are mainly occupied by emplyees.