Anne Geddes

Famous Photographer

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Born: September 13, 1956 in Australia. She is currently 58 years old and still living today.

Education: She didn't have much of an education, she dropped out at 17 and left home. She became a photographer at age 25.

Family: because she left her family behind, her only family was her husband Kel

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Why photography?: She had always had an interest in photography in general, but the school she attended didn't have a photography class. She taught herself photography at age 25, and built a small portfolio. She assisted a local photographer before starting her own studio in her garage.

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Her style/trademark: She specialized in baby photography, after using photographs of her two daughters for a Christmas card that was alter proved popular. She chose babies because her love for them.

What made her famous?: During the progression of her career, she created her own program called "Geddes Philanthropic Trust". The primary focus was to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect.

Awards: Anne's website is honored with the 2002 Standard of Excellence Web Award. It is also listed as number one on Yahoo's "New best of the week sites". She received the Kodak Fotobuchpreis 1998.

What she has to say about her work: A certain image in particular seemed to catapult her career more than she could have ever imagined.

"I'm in a very lucky situation, in that people actually don't recognize me on the street."

Others opinions on her work: "I love this woman's work. The babies are wonders. The poses are wonders. The art of her photography shows me the wonderfulness of life itself."

"I was first introduced to Anne's work by a co-worker who has one of her calendars. I was truly delighted to find her book "Until Now". It awakens wonderful emotions in me that I sometimes 'forget' in the hustle and bustle of my every day life. The color photos are usually the source for my giddiness and truly move me to tears. Thank you, Anne. "

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What do I appreciate about her?: I appreciate her love for babies and children. I also appreciate that her career started out so innocently, just by taking pictures of her daughters for a Christmas card and skyrocketing into a successful life at such a young age.

Other information I found important?: Her website has over 7 million views, and she has 4 current books that are popular. Her website is

More of her work:
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