Articles of Constitution

By: Anna Jackson

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Lauren Enjoys Jalapenos So All Salsa Rocks!

Article I

The L for Lauren stands for Legislative which is the branch of government responsible for creating laws...also known as congress.
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Article II

The E for Enjoys stands for Executive which is the branch of government responsible for executing the laws and is run by the president.
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Article III

The J in Jalapenos stands for Judicial which is the branch of government that is responsible for interpreting the laws.

Article IV

The S in So stands for the States and how Article IV discusses how the states should interact and get along.

Article V

The A in All stands for the plan to Amend (or change) the constitution if need be.

Article VI

The S in Salsa stands for Supremacy and how the federal law is above the law of the state.

Article VII

The R in Rocks stands for Ratification and how nine out of the thirteen states needed to ratify or approve the constitution.