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By: Nimrod Fishman

Tragedy on the Kellers

The Keller's family didn't have an easy life. One of their sons didn't returned from the second world war and the father was nearly sent to jail because his business sold cracked cylinder heads to the air force which cause the death of 21 pilots. In court he was acquitted from all charges because he had stayed home in the day of the shipment but his partner Steve was found guilty and was sent to jail for 20 years.

Last Sunday George, Steve's son and a lawyer, came to the Keller's home after George had heard that his sister was about to merry Chris, Joe's son, and he wasn't going to let it happen. The details are not completely clear, but we know that there was a big fight between him, Joe and Chris. After some time George left and Chris stormed out . The neighbors say that during their meeting they discovered that Joe was not innocent. He was the one who told Steve to send those crack cylinder heads and their family had received a letter that said that Larry knew his father was guilty and because of that committed suicide. At 2:00 AM Joe Keller committed Suicide.


Obituary In Memory of Joe Keller 1948-1888

Passed away on Monday, August 14, 1948 at his home in age 60.

Joe Keller born on Jun 23, 1888 in US.

He rised as a wonderful son, Graduated from school outstanding, in the army he was mechanic and after that he started his own business with Steve, he met his wonderful wife Kate and married her, together they made two children Larry and Chris

Joe left behind a living wife, a son, business and many friends

Funeral for Joe Keller- the famliy man

Saturday, Aug. 14th 1948 at 10pm

New York, NY, United States


From left: Kate, Joe, Chris, Ann
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