EES Tutorials

ERO-How to Sign Up for a Class or Workshop

1. Click this link for ERO (Electronic Registrar Online)

2. Enter the Organization ID of 21042

3. Login

  • Your USERNAME is your full school email address (
  • Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your social security number.

4. Find a Class!

  • Click on the Course Curriculum Tab.
  • Drop Down on the Curriculum Category.
  • Select CPD Credit Courses and then Search to see the full list of CPD courses.

5. Register for a Class!

  • Click on the course link to see details of the course including if there are multiple sessions offered.
  • Click on the Register link to register for the class once you have found the session you'd prefer.
  • You can also select other Curriculum categories to register for professional development non-credit workshops offered by specific program and content areas.