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Book Clubs


Next week our readers will participate in their very first book club! Our teams have worked hard in guided reading all year long and have shown that they are ready to engage in student led book clubs! Book clubs will take the place of guided reading groups. On Friday, the UMAC teachers got together to model a book club for all the UMAC students!

How is a book club different from reading group?

Students will be assigned a selection of text to read independently, instead of reading at the table with me. While reading independently, students will use post-it notes to record their thinking while reading. Students will also be asked to respond to a focus question on Google Classroom. At their book club meeting, students will discuss the text with their group members and share their post-it notes.


Book clubs are a way for students to independently practice the reading strategies we have learned in shared and guided reading this year. It is very important that all group members come prepared for their book club. Each group will approximately 3 times per week. Book clubs will begin next week!


Next week students will read a short text in a book club format. After spring break, students will read novels that are focused on the Revolutionary War.


Old Friends: This week in math, old friends learned how to find the volume of three-dimensional shapes. They also studied the similarities between volume and capacity. Our chapter 9 math test will be Thursday, March 24.

New Friends: Our team just launched into a new chapter in math. As we begin, we are learning how to rename fractions, decimals and percents. Using data tables our students will be organizing and analyzing data. What a great life skill!

Shared Reading

Students read a biography about a free African American, James Forten, who lived during the American Revolution. We studied the text structure of the story and learned that sequencing events together can help a reader’s understanding. Students learned that once James’ mother granted him permission, he joined a Patriot vessel as a privateer and defeated British ships. At the end of the week, students answered the question: What events or feelings would lead someone to fight for freedom?