What's Happening in PBS

Week of 9/28-10/2


Welcome to another week in PBS.

I am still on bedrest and the kids have a sub for the majority of this week. They will start out with the sub working on 1.3.1 The Autopsy. This assignment has three parts that will take them mon, tues an wed. They will be looking up body systems and how they function, the key parts and what they look like on Monday. On Tuesday, they will do research on autopsies and what is involved in one. On Wednesday, they will analyze Anna's first autopsy and come up with their first theory on how she died.

As long as my doctor's appointment on Wednesday goes well, I will be back at work on thursday! (YAY!) We will be spending Thursday to recap what they have been up to and making sure we are all on the same page and they have gotten out of the activities and such what they needed to.

We will finish out the week on Friday with starting analyzing DNA and building a DNA model.

As for HOSA this week

  • Tuesday - Guest Speaker during collaboration - Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Thursday - St. Mary's Volunteering (for the 6 already signed up) *This might be cancelled since I cannot go-keep an eye out for the remind texts*
  • Saturday - Princess Party Volunteering

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Rachell Weiss