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May 2020

Science News

Hi Wildcats! It has been fun to be able to join some of your class meetings this past week! I look forward to joining more in the coming weeks.

If you would like to join me for a short science lesson, you can go to

This is a great season for outdoor science. Here are some ideas:

1. See if you can find an ant. Watch where it goes. Can you find its home? Is it carrying anything? Draw a map of the path it seems to take.

2. Make your own bubble solution with water and a bit of dish soap. If you have a pipe cleaner you can make your own bubble wand. Go outside and blow bubbles!

3. Take a nature walk. (You can even do this in your backyard!) Take a bag along to collect any of the following objects you find. When you are finished collecting, make a nature picture or 3D structure out of the objects you collect. Send me a picture of what you create at the e-mail below!

  • Pebble
  • Feather
  • Leaf
  • Pinecone
  • Stick
  • Piece of bark
  • Something yellow
  • Stem
  • Flower
  • Pine needles

Mrs. Oelze

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Check It Out At The Library

Hey McLean Wildcats!

I have a couple of ideas to keep you reading while we are away from McLean:

1. You can visit the Wichita Public Library homepage to get specific instructions on how to obtain a library card, or call their phone number 316-261-8500 and set it up. With the library card, you can check out eBooks & audio books using the app called Libby, which the website has instructions for.


2. Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10th, so you could create a Mother’s Day book for her. Stack some paper and fold in half, you could staple along the fold if you have a stapler. On each page you could write something special about your mom. Here are some ideas:

  • Your favorite memory
  • Your favorite meal she makes
  • Your favorite activity that you do together
  • My mom makes me feel special when she ______________________

Take care,

Mrs. Daniels

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Art Studio News

Hello Wildcats! I hope you enjoyed doing the Earth Day activities! This week I have an art challenge for you, it’s called the COLOR WHEEL CHALLENGE! This is a fun and creative scavenger hunt activity. Create a Color Wheel using objects you find around the house. Be sure to ask an adult if you can use the objects. You will be looking for the Primary Colors (red, yellow and blue) and Secondary Colors (orange , green and violet). Don’t forget to return all the objects once you are done.


  1. Collect two or more objects of the same color.
  2. Arrange them in Color Wheel order. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet (purple).
  3. Send me a video of your color wheel on Flipgrid and tell me what objects you used to create it.


I wish you all a safe and wonderful summer. I look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall!

Mrs. Adams ❤️

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Tech Bytes

Did you know that all 1st-5th grade McLean students have a Typing Club account? Typing club is a fun way to practice keyboarding skills.

Kindergarten students can keep practicing locating letters on the keyboard with the games linked below.

Have a great summer and I can't wait to see you all when we go back to school!

Take care,

Ms. Schaper

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P.E. Shorts

Hope everyone is doing great and trying to take some time to get outside and be active. I am really excited for our upcoming virtual Field Day. This is always my favorite time of year and hope this gives everyone a way to get out and have fun trying some new activities with your family.

Field Day Activity

Ideas for Being Active at Home-No Internet

Create an obstacle course in your yard using sidewalk chalk and objects from around the house such as boxes, chairs, broom sticks, buckets etc. Try to be sure and include going over, under around and different pathways like zigzag, curved and squiggly. Also include levels - high, medium and low movements. Use household items like cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, chairs, flower pots, broom or rake handles for obstacles.

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Music Notes

Hello everyone! I hope the month of May is starting out well for you. I am enjoying the Spring weather! In the last newsletter, we talked about the sounds of the Earth and trying to recreate them. I hope you had some fun with that. It’s very good for your creativity to stretch your brain and try out new skills.

This week, I want to give you some ideas on learning how to CAPTURE sounds and rhythms. This will require some strong listening skills…something you can easily develop on your own with practice.

Let’s start with rhythms. You will need: 1. Feet, hands, sticks, drum, etc… to make rhythms. 2. A way to write out your rhythms, such as paper and crayons/pencil, sidewalk chalk (outdoors), white board, etc…

Create a four beat pattern, such as “ta-ta-shh-ta”. Play it the way you like and then write (notate) it using traditional stick patterns like we do at school OR pictures that represent what you want. For example: a foot, clapping hands, a quiet signal that you use or sticks tapping. Try to create 4 different patterns of four beats and perform them. Can you teach it to someone else at home and create a rhythm composition? Have fun creating your own ‘rhythmic notation (writing)!

Here’s a video link to remind you about stick notation and to give you more rhythmic ideas: There’s more video to explore if you like this one.

If you are an extremely good listener and can hear many different sounds at once, you might have a career as a Sound Engineer. A Sound Engineer uses computers and electronic equipment to capture sound. Near the end of the last video, a Movie Sound Engineer mixed the sound effects the Foley Artist created and added them to the film clip of the baby tiger. This is very technical and also artistic, a perfect blend for those of you who love music and computers.

This week’s video talks about what a Sound Engineer who records music does in the recording studio. There is more information available to explore on your own if you want to understand the skills needed to do this kind of work.

If you have a way to record sound yourself, (an old phone, tablet, tape recorderyes, I still have a couple!) try recording the sound of your choice, but in different spaces at home or outside. Training your ears to hear the differences in the recording will be a great place to start learning the skills of a Sound Engineer. Have fun! Enjoy the beautiful weather and stay musical!

Mrs. Johnson
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1-3 PM

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You can find more activities from Science, Social Studies, Art, P.E., Music, and Library on the district's continuous learning page linked below. New activities will be added each week.
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